Bachelor of Arts in Earth Sciences

  BS in Geological Sciences BA in Earth Sciences BS in Physical Sciences BS in Environmental Studies

Required courses


Introduction: Any one of (4 units):  
GEOL 105L Planet Earth 4
GEOL 107Lx Oceanography 4
GEOL 108L Crises of a Planet 4
GEOL 125Lx Earth History: A Planet and its Evolution 4
GEOL 130Lx The Nature of Scientific Inquiry 4
GEOL 150Lx Climate Change 4
GEOL 240Lx Earthquakes 4
GEOL 315L Minerals and Earth Systems 4
Electives: choose seven of the following (28 units):  
BISC/GEOL 427 The Global Environment 4
BISC 474 Ecosystem Systems Function and Earth 4
BISC 483 Geobiology and Astrobiology 4
GEOL 316L Petrologic Systems 4
GEOL 320L Surficial Processes and Stratigraphic Systems 4
GEOL 321L Structural Geology and Tectonics 4
GEOL 385 Research Methods in the Earth Sciences, and 2
GEOL 494x Senior Thesis 2
GEOL 412 Oceans, Climate, and the Environment 4
GEOL 425L Data Analysis in the Earth and Environmental Sciences 4
GEOL 425L Data Analysis in the Earth and Environmental Sciences 4
GEOL 433L Paleontology and Evolution in Deep Time 4
GEOL 440L Geophysics and Geoengineering 4
GEOL 450L Geosystems 4
GEOL 460L Geochemistry and Hydrogeology 4
GEOL 465 Summer Field Geology 4
GEOL 470 Environmental Hydrogeology 4
GEOL 490x Directed Research 2-8
Required courses in other departments (8 units):  
CHEM 105aLbL General Chemistry  
MATH 118 Fundamental Principles of the Calculus, or  
MATH 125 Calculus I 4
Choose any one of the following (4 units):  
BISC 120L General Biology: Organismal Biology and Evolution 4
CHEM 105bL General Chemistry 4
PHYS 135aL Physics for the Life Sciences 4

Total units


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