Geochemical studies at USC are highly interdisciplinary, and are carried out by faculty with interests in geobiology, climate science, marine chemistry, environmental chemistry, and petrology. Geochemistry includes studies of Earth Systems, designed to understand the processes that regulate the chemistry of the aqueous, atmospheric, and solid phases of our planet. Analyses of stable isotope composition can reveal impacts of biogeochemical cycling and environmental conditions. Analyses of radioisotopes allow the time constants of dynamic cycles to be deduced, as they can reveal rates of geochemical exchange or the ages of materials. When these analyses are coupled with analyses of bulk chemical composition, insight into past and present system behavior can be developed.

We seek both undergraduate and graduate students with a strong interest in chemistry and interdisciplinary studies. Many of our efforts include fieldwork in the oceans and on land. Undergraduate training in any of the physical sciences, life sciences, engineering or mathematics would be good preparation for graduate work in our programs. Students with broad interests in Geochemistry are urged to apply.

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