Requirements for Summer Fellowships

1. In some fiscal years the GSRF will have sufficient funds to allow the GSRC to grant summer fellowships. The goals of these fellowships are to reward outstanding progress and achievement (based on research, teaching, and service to the Department) by doctoral students, to increase the likelihood of the timely completion of degrees, and to help particularly financially needy students.

2. Thus, doctoral students must be in good academic standing within the Earth Sciences Department to qualify, but will have a greater chance of success if they are maintaining an unusually high standard of achievement.

3. To qualify for summer fellowships, students must have been admitted into the Department through the full faculty review process.

4. Graduate students largely residing in other Departments, or working towards degrees in other Departments not approved by their Earth Sciences faculty advisor or committee will not be eligible for summer fellowships.

5. Graduate students holding part-time or full-time jobs outside the Department will not be eligible for GSRF fellowships.

6. Because fellowships are in part intended to encourage the timely completion of Ph.D. degrees, it will be increasingly unlikely that fellowships will be granted to students after their fourth summer at USC.

7. If two months of summer fellowship are requested and granted to students, it is the expectation that the students will work ~80 hours on projects organized by the front office staff. 

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