Requirements for Graduate Research Funds

1. Students must be in good academic standing in the Earth Sciences Department.

2. The Committee expects all applications to be well written and well conceived comparable to applications to other funding sources, and will in part base funding decisions on the quality of the proposal.

3. To receive support from the GSRF, students are expected to seek research funds from at least two other student oriented funding sources such as GSA, AAPG, or Sigma Xi, and to present evidence that they have done so in their applications.  It is highly unlikely that a proposal will be funded if a student has not applied for other available funding (see item 3C in application).

4. The Department asks that students report any funding received after the award of a GSRF grant.  If major funding (e.g., NSF, DOE) for a student research project becomes available, the Committee will expect the student to use those funds and reimburse the Department for GSRF not needed.

5. Ph.D. students may apply for and receive a maximum of $2,000 towards research from the GSRF during their time in the USC Earth Sciences program.

6. These amounts are not guaranteed, but are the maximum that may be requested.

7. Since our Ph.D. program requires students to write a second proposition, requests for support of these research proposals will receive a lower-level priority and be funded minimally.  Awards for this research will be deducted from the $2,000 maximum.

8. Students receiving research funds from the GSRF are expected to give a talk to the Department on the results of their research.

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