Field-based Seismology

Fieldwork-based geophysics research at USC is focused on paleoseismology, active source seismology, and broadband array seismology. Our paleoseismology group uses techniques such as high-resolution seismic reflection imagery, paleoseismologic trenching, and traditional field mapping of active and ancient faults. The structural seismology group at USC has 15 broadband seismometers and a 24-channel seismic system that are used to define individual field experiments to address specific questions about Earth structure using a variety of analytical techniques using the same data set. Integrating USC's instrumentation with IRIS PASSCAL and USGS experiments has allowed for some of the largest single-purpose deployments in seismology. Combining these seismic results with constraints from other sub-disciplines in the Earth sciences allows for a multidisciplinary approach to answering broad geoscience problems. Current field-based research is being conducted in the western Mediterranean, Anatolia, Taiwan, Japan, and southern California.

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