Email Setup

Getting an Account
Your email account will automatically be generated by the University once you are enrolled in a class or entered into our payroll system. Visit to find your account and activate your password. If you're a visiting scholar or any other special circumstance, please contact our system administrator at

Once your account has been activated, you may use USC's webmail services at Please send an initial email to so that our department can update our database and add you to our mailing lists.

USC Webmail Usage & Policies

  • 12 month email retention (anything older gets deleted automatically)
  • Supports IMAP & POP3 protocols

Students can choose to utilize USC's Gmail services and Google Apps to avoid the 1 year email retention. See

Forgot Your Password?
To change your password, visit
If you forgot your password, call (213) 740-5555 to reset.

Email Programs
Please visit for a list of all email programs supported by ITS.

Email Lists (listproc)
You must be subscribed to the list to be able to send to it. For example, to email everyone in the department, send your mail to Below is our complete list of lists.

  • earth-all - All Department
  • earth-social - Social events
  • earth-fac - Faculty only
  • earth-rfac - Research faculty only
  • earth-allfac - All faculty only
  • earth-admin - Staff only
  • earth-grad - Graduate students only
  • earth-ugrad - Undergraduate students only
  • earth-comp-l - Geosys Linux user list
  • earthscience-l - Alumni
  • uscgeobiology-l - Geobiology group
  • paleoclimate-l - Paleoclimate Research Group
  • moffet-lab-l - Jim Moffet's Lab Group

Email if you wish to be enrolled on any of these lists.

  • Zumberge Hall of Science (ZHS)
  • Los Angeles, CA 90089-0740
  • Phone: (213) 740-6106
  • Email: