Research Curricula - Tectonics

  Climate Science Geobiology Geochemistry Geophysics Tectonics

Recommended Courses:

GEOL 425L Data Analysis in the Earth and Environmental Sciences
GEOL 440 Geophysics
GEOL 450L Geosystems
GEOL 499 Tectonic Geomorphology
GEOL 521 Advanced Structural Geology
GEOL 531 Plate Interactions
GEOL 532 Advanced Geologic Mapping
GEOL 533 Structural Evolution of Arcs
GEOL 534 Mechanics of Lithospheric Deformation
GEOL 536 Microstructures and Deformation Mechanisms
GEOL 537 Rock Mechanics
GEOL 538 Tectonic Evolution of Western North America
GEOL 540 The Mantle System
GEOL 568 Metamorphic Petrology
GEOL 569 Igneous Petrology
GEOL 556 Active Tectonics
GEOL 557 Numerical Modeling of Earth Systems
GEOL 570 Thermobarometry
GEOG 482 Geographic Information Systems

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