Upper-Division Courses of Instruction

  • Literature Courses (Choose One)

  • EALC-332: Korean Literature in English Translation
    EALC-342g: Japanese Literature and Culture
    EALC-352g: Chinese Literature and Culture
    EALC-354g: Modern Chinese Literature in Translation
    EALC-380: Cultural Topics in East Asian Literature
    EALC-385: Readings in Korean Poetry
    EALC-386: Readings in Modern Korean Literature
    EALC-428: Nature and the Environment in Japanese Literature and Culture
    EALC-455: Japanese Fiction

  • Upper-Division Courses (Choose Four) *

  • All fourth year language courses, including:

    EALC-407: Newspaper and Documentary Chinese
    EALC-412a, 412b: Business Chinese
    EALC-413: Business Japanese
    EALC-418: Korean Writing in Mixed Script
    EALC-419: Newspaper in Documentary Korean
    EALC-426: Classical Japanese

    *Some courses have pre-requisites, see catalogue
  • All courses listed as 300- and 400-level, such as:

  • EALC-318: Readings in Contemporary Korean
    EALC-355: Modern Chinese Thought and Culture
    EALC-365: Studies in Japanese Thought
    EALC-375: Women & Gender in China: Past & Present
    EALC-400: Classical Chinese I
    EALC-402: Classical Chinese II
    EALC-410: Chinese-English Translation
    EALC-426: Classical Japanese
    EALC-431: The Taoist Tradition
    EALC-452: Narrating the City: Literary and Visual Representations of Shanghai
    EALC-470: Introduction to East Asian Linguistics
    EALC-499: “Geisha Girls”: A Japanese Icon in the Literature, Art, and Films of East and West

  • Students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor to help design a course of study that will meet the student’s interests as well as the departmental requirements. For questions or more information, contact us at (213) 740-3707 or ealc@college.usc.edu.

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  • All photos taken by Elissa L., Yulee Kim and Ka Wong