Student Comments on Japanese Courses

  • Emily Warren, EALC320 (Fall 2009), EALC322 (Spring 2010), EALC422 (Fall 2010)

  • “I am really happy studying Japanese at USC. It's pretty incredible how much I've learned in so little time, and there are so many opportunities to apply what I've learned—conversation partners, clubs, study abroad... There's enough discipline to improve quickly, and enough flexibility to have fun. I'm looking forward to my Japanese classes in the years to come.”

  • Jillian Kobayashi, EALC 120 (Fall 2007), 122 (Spring 2008), 220 (Fall 2008), 222 (Spring 2009), 320 (Fall 2009), 422 (Fall 2010)

  • “Japanese class has consistently been my favorite class at USC. The instructors are great at entertaining you while you learn and are simply really nice people. They teach you so much within the 50 minutes of instruction time that you're never bored. You also make great friends from Japanese class because you talk to your classmates everyday in Japanese. If you want to actually enjoy a class, meet great people and are willing to work hard, take Japanese at USC.”

  • Erica Mau, EALC120 (Fall 2009), EALC122 (Spring 2010), EALC220 (Fall 2010)

  • “Japanese at USC has, each semester, been my favorite class. Undoubtedly it is a difficult and intriguing language, but the teachers I have had were all patient, dedicated, and pleasant, and the pace of each course has been extremely manageable while remaining engaging and interesting. The content of Japanese at USC is so practical and by the end of Japanese 1 I felt like I could travel to Japan and get around. The content is also well-rounded, teaching students perfect amounts of vocabulary, writing, culture, and verbal skills. I would highly recommend taking Japanese.”

  • Greg Rathjen, EALC 120 (Fall 2008), EALC120 (Spring 2009), EALC220 (Fall 2009), EALC220 (Spring 2010)

  • “Excellent introduction to Japanese. The instructors are native speakers and know English as well. Strong attention is paid to learning grammar and speaking comfortably in front of the class, making you to learn vocabulary and the writing system on your own time.”

  • Komdetch Koonopakarn, EALC120 (Fall 2009), EALC120 (Spring 2010)

  • “I signed up for the class with no background other than an interest in the culture (anime, food, etc). Even though the class was not required for my major, I'd still recommend the class. The professors are very friendly and helpful. Be prepared to talk with people in the class (and in front of everyone)! This is definitely a class that will get you out of your shell, so don't take this class if you want to slack off all semester. There are daily assignments, but they are very short (taking about a half-hour to complete). The workload was not an issue for me. If you keep up with the class, it will be a very fun experience. Highly recommended.”

  • Michelle Armstrong, EALC120 Fall 2009), EALC122 (Spring 2010), EALC220 (Fall 2010)

  • “I have been greatly enjoying learning Japanese at USC. The classes are fun and engaging. One really feels that he or she is learning how to speak the language. All the sensee's [teachers] are very kind and are there for you if you need help. In my Japanese classes, I have made some of my best friends who have similar interests. I highly recommend taking Japanese at USC!”

  • Hye You, EALC 120 (Fall 2009), 122 (Spring 2010), and 220 (Fall 2010)

  • “Japanese courses really made my sophomore year. My teachers really made the class interesting by bringing props, drawings, and acting out the skits. I loved them even more than my major courses. If you like Japanese culture, you NEED TO take this course. My roommate took Italian for practicality, but she totally regrets it now. Learn something you really like--you definitely do better.”

  • Ben Huynh, EALC 120 (Fall 2007), 122 (Spring 2008), 222 (Fall 2008), 422 (Fall 2009), and 424 (Spring 2010)

  • “Today I exchanged quips with my students, participated in a teacher's conference, had a physical examination, joined a raucous get-together with fellow colleagues, and then finished the night with the latest episode of the drama I'm following. All of this I did in Japan. All of this I did in Japanese. If it weren't for the Japanese classes I took at USC, none of this would be possible. It amazes me every day to see how much those classes, those teachers, have changed the course of my life.”

  • Cassandra Stover, EALC 120 (Fall 2009), 122 (Spring 2010), and 220 (Fall 2010)

  • “Japanese at USC is awesome! It's the most fun I've ever had taking a language, and it's definitely my favorite class at USC. I signed up for Japanese three semesters ago and liked it so much I'm now an EALC minor, and I look forward to class everyday! It's always interesting and the sensees [teachers] make it easy to learn. The pictures and stuffed animals are really fun, and the textbook is super clear and helpful! Taking Japanese at USC is one of the best decisions I have ever made, go check it out!!”

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