Host Institution

Capital Normal University is one of a hundred of institutions of higher learning designated by the Chinese national government as worthy of special emphasis.  Its College of International Education has ties with over sixty colleges and universities in the US, the UK, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Russia, France, Germany, and Australia. It annually accepts approximately 2,000 foreign students, both short-term and long-term, at both undergraduate and graduate levels. 

Students will live and attend classes in the International Exchange Building at Capital Normal University, conveniently located near the Third Outer Ring Road in the western part of Beijing.  This building comprises two structures connected by a swimming pool and a gymnasium:  one, the residential area and the other, the instructional area.  The entire building is served by central air conditioning. There are different types of rooms available. All the rooms have shower, lavatory, television, telephone, internet service, and furniture.  Refrigerators are available for rent.  The entire building is managed by a professional hotel service agency.  Bed linen is changed every three days, and showers and lavatories are cleaned once each week.  Classrooms in the instructional area include multi-media classrooms.  The building also has a computer lab, bookstore, sundries shop, bar, and dining hall.

The Haidian district is known as a “college district,” with more than 40 universities in its vicinity, including such famous universities and research institutes as Peking University and the Academy of Science of China.  The district is a relatively safe place and has many cultural events and activities for the students to pursue.  The University itself has good security, with guards on the perimeter as well as in the International Exchange Building.

Student services will be provided by the resident director and any other relevant individual or unit as requested by the resident director

Library facilities at the University are open to all students.

Internet access is available in dorm rooms for students who bring their own laptops. The cost will be part of the program fee. For students who do not wish to bring computers, laptops can be rented from the University. A computer lab with internet access is located in the residential area for students’ use free of charge.

Health facilities on campus are open to all students.

The building is equipped with elevators and special ramps for students with disabilities.

  • main building
    Int'l Exchange Bldg at Capital Normal Univ.
    swimming pool
    Swimming Pool
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  • All photos taken by Elissa L., Yulee Kim and Ka Wong