EALC Minor

  • Requirements for the EALC Minor (20 units)
  • Minors typically select one language and cultural area (Chinese, Japanese, or Korean) in which they do most of their work. The requirements for the EALC minor are similar to those of the major, but less intensive. Students must complete the following:


    Course Course Title

    (two years or four semesters)


    Chinese IV


    Korean IV


    Japanese IV

    Civilization Course
    (choose one)


    Japanese Civilization
    Korean Civilization
    Chinese Civilization
    * Or an equivalent course approved by the department

    Literature Course
    (choose one)


    See bottom of page for course information

    Upper-Division Electives (+300)
    (choose two)*

    See bottom of page for course information

  • Courses of Instruction

    Literature Courses (Choose One)

    • EALC-332: Korean Literature in English Translation
    • EALC-335m: Literature of the Korean People
    • EALC-342g: Japanese Literature and Culture
    • EALC-352g: Chinese Literature and Culture
    • EALC-354g: Modern Chinese Literature in Translation
    • EALC-380: Cultural Topics in East Asian Literature
    • EALC-385: Readings in Korean Poetry
    • EALC-386: Readings in Modern Korean Literature
    • EALC-428: Nature and the Environment in Japanese Literature and Culture
    • EALC-455: Japanese Fiction
    • EALC-460: Love, Self and Gender in Japanese Literature
  • Upper-Division Courses (Choose Two) *
    * Some courses have pre-requisites, see catalogue

  • All third and fourth year language courses, some of which are:

    • EALC-407: Newspaper and Documentary Chinese
    • EALC-412a, 412b: Business Chinese
    • EALC-413: Business Japanese
    • EALC-418: Korean Writing in Mixed Script
    • EALC-419: Newspaper in Documentary Korean
  • All courses listed as 300- and 400-level, some of which are:

    • EALC-318: Readings in Contemporary Korean
    • EALC-355: Modern Chinese Thought and Culture
    • EALC-365: Studies in Japanese Thought
    • EALC-375: Women & Gender in China: Past & Present
    • EALC-400: Classical Chinese I
    • EALC-402: Classical Chinese II
    • EALC-410: Chinese-English Translation
    • EALC-426: Classical Japanese
    • EALC-431: The Taoist Tradition
    • EALC-452: Narrating the City: Literary and Visual Representations of Shanghai
    • EALC-470: Introduction to East Asian Linguistics
    • EALC-499: “Geisha Girls”: A Japanese Icon in the Literature, Art, and Films of East and West
  • For questions or more information, contact us at (213) 740-3707 or ealc@college.usc.edu.

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  • All photos taken by Elissa L., Yulee Kim and Ka Wong