Chinese Language Program

Welcome to the Chinese Language Program in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, one of the largest foreign language programs at USC. Today, Mandarin Chinese is an increasingly important global language, useful across a variety of careers that span business, education, and the professions. Taught by EALC’s Chinese language faculty, students can choose from a variety of course options depending upon their needs and interests. You can take Chinese language courses to fulfill the University's foreign language requirement, as part of your major or minor in East Asian Languages and Cultures, or simply for your personal enjoyment. In addition to developing functional skills in the Chinese language, you also gain valuable cultural knowledge of the different Chinese language communities through the use of authentic language materials, interactive activities, and innovative technology.

The program offers a basic language sequence that covers beginning (first year) to advanced (fourth year) Chinese language, including Chinese I, II, III, IV, and Advanced Modern Chinese I and II. In addition to the basic sequence from beginning to advanced Chinese, the language program also offers courses in Business Chinese, Conversational Chinese, and Chinese Language through Film and Television. Students are also encouraged to take advantage of EALC’s summer study abroad programs in Beijing and Taipei to gain first-hand experience in Chinese language and culture.

If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact the Chinese Program coordinator, John Chang, at

  • Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures
  • 3501 Trousdale Parkway, Taper Hall 356
  • Los Angeles, California 90089-0357

  • All photos taken by Elissa L., Yulee Kim and Ka Wong