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Dornsife Life, Fall 2011/Winter 2012


Cover Story: Led by Elizabeth Barreras '07, eight USC Dornsife undergraduates rethink agriculture, education and sustainable development in central Ghana. by Pamela J. Johnson Full Story


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Follow Your Inspiration

The First-Year Investigations (FYI) program helps freshmen and transfer students get the best out of their education. FYI opens doors and turns nerve-racking into exhilarating.
by Pamela J. Johnson and Ambrosia Viramontes-Brody



Music Man

Grammy Award-winning music producer Rob Cavallo ’85 credits his knack for recognizing greatness to studying the literary classics.
by Laurie Moore



Emotional Economics

Neuroeconomics looks inside the brain with scanning tools to investigate patterns of motivation and decision-making. Some businesses are profiting. Individuals can, too.
by Pamela J. Johnson





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