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Password Administration Portal

Dornsife Technology Services provides a password administration tool that allows you to change and reset your password, as needed. To use the Password Administration Portal, complete the steps below.


Enrolling in the Password Administration Portal

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to The Dornsife Password Administration Portal page displays.

  2. Enter your username (the part of your USC e-mail address that is before the @ symbol) and temporary password in the corresponding fields.

  3. Select the Login button. The Password Administration Portal Welcome screen displays.

    The Welcome screen lists the benefits of using the Password Administration Portal.

  4. After reading the text on the Welcome screen, select the Click Here button to continue. The Enrollment Tab displays.

  5. The Enrollment Tab is the location from which you can configure your security questions and the corresponding answers. From the Question drop-down menus, select the security questions you want to use. The security question is how you will verify your identity, should you need to reset your password.

  6. Select one question from each Question drop-down menu. Enter the answer to your security question in the corresponding field and then confirm the security question answer by re-entering it.

  7. After you have finished choosing security questions and providing the answers, select the Enroll button. The Verification Code tab displays.

  8. Enter your USC e-mail address is the Register Your Email Address(es) field. Enter the full e-mail address, as shown in the image above. Then, select the Enroll button. A confirmation message displays.

Your security questions have been saved. You may now change your password.


Changing Your Password


After enrolling in the Dornsife Password Administration Portal, you can change your password. Follow the steps below to change your password.


  1. If you are already logged into the Dornsife Password Administration Portal, select Sign Out, located at the top of the screen. The Password Administration Portal main page is displayed.

  2. Select Reset Password, located on the right side of the screen.

  3. The Reset Your Password screen is displayed. Enter your user name (everything in your USC e-mail address that appears before the @ symbol) in the Domain User Name field. Then, select the Continue button.

  4. Next, select a way to verify your identity. You can elect to have a verification code e-mailed to you, or you can answer the security questions you previously configured. For this example, the security questions will be answered. Select the Use my security answer to verify my identity radio button and then select the Continue button.

  5. The security questions display. The security questions will match the questions you selected during the enrollment process. The image below does not show the security questions you may see (unless you selected the same questions). Enter the appropriate answers for your security questions and then select the Continue button.

  6. The Reset Password screen displays. Enter the password you want to use in the New Password field. Enter the same password into the Confirm New Password field. When you have finished, select the Reset Password button.

Your password has been changed. Repeat these steps to change your password, as is appropriate.