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Diversity at USC Dornsife


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A more diverse Dornsife is a better Dornsife. Our basic goals ā€“ the enrichment of the human spirit, the creation of fundamental knowledge ā€“ are best achieved with a faculty and a…

Video by Mira Zimet

The Vice Dean for Diversity and Strategic Initiatives, George Sanchez, is responsible for ensuring that the fundamental commitment to the benefits of a diverse USC Dornsife community is effectively translated into best practices throughout all departments and units of USC Dornsife. These areas include faculty recruitment, mentorship and retention, including ensuring that every USC Dornsife faculty search committee cast its net widely in search of diverse faculty candidates.

This work also includes successful recruitment, advancement, and placement of diverse Ph.D. students, such as the encouragement of innovative graduate student programs aimed at enhancing the diversity and quality of the USC Ph.D. experience. It also includes promoting the retention and academic success of USC Dornsife undergraduates form all backgrounds, especially advancing research opportunities for diverse undergraduates through a variety of established programs and encouraging successful transitions to opportunities for advanced degrees.

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