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USC Dornsife Dean’s Office Directory

Steve A. Kay

Dean of USC Dornsife
Professor of Biological Sciences, Neurology, and Physiology and Biophysics
(213) 740-2531

Dean Steve Kay, holder of the Anna H. Bing Dean’s Chair, is the chief academic and executive officer of USC Dornsife.

Dani Byrd

Vice Dean for Institutional Affairs
Professor of Linguistics
(213) 740-2444

Vice Dean Byrd oversees all aspects of USC Dornsife’s academic administration including faculty and educational excellence and strategic planning for programmatic and institutional development.

Steven Lamy

Vice Dean for Academic Programs
Professor of International Relations
(213) 740-2444

Vice Dean Lamy oversees both undergraduate and graduate programs and all related offices.

Charles McKenna

Vice Dean for Natural Sciences
(213) 740-7007

Professor of Chemistry Charles McKenna serves as vice dean for natural sciences, taking point on federal research advancement in USC Dornsife.

Donal Manahan

Vice Dean for Students
Professor of Biological Sciences
(213) 740-5793

Vice Dean Manahan oversees College Admission, Advisement, Supplemental Instruction and other aspects of the USC College student experience outside the classroom.

Peter C. Mancall

Peter C. Mancall
Vice Dean for the Humanities
(213) 821-2151

Peter Mancall, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of the Humanities and professor of history and anthropology, serves as vice dean for the humanities.

George Sanchez

Vice Dean for Diversity
Professor of History
(213) 740-2570

Vice Dean George Sanchez oversees diversity programs throughout USC Dornsife and advises the dean on a variety of issues.

Wendy Wood

Vice Dean for Social Sciences
Professor of Psychology
(213) 740-5504

Provost Professor of Psychology and Business Wendy Wood serves as vice dean for social sciences.

Stephen W. Mackey

Senior Associate Dean and Chief Operating Officer
USC Dornsife Business Office
(213) 740-4905

Senior Associate Dean and COO Mackey oversees the operations of the USC Dornsife’s business office, Dornsife Human Resources, Dornsife Information Services and Dornsife Facilities.

Kathleen Speer

Senior Associate Dean
(213) 740-2444

Senior Associate Dean Speer oversees faculty affairs and research advancement operations and manages the support staff.



Sherri Sammon

Senior Administrator, Assistant to the Dean
(213) 740-2531

Assistant to the Dean Sherri Sammon provides executive administrative support to Dean Kay and oversees the operations of the Dean’s office and Dean’s support staff.