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USC Dornsife Dean's Office Directory

Steve Kay

Dean of USC Dornsife
(213) 740-2531

Dean Steve Kay, holder of the Anna H. Bing Dean’s Chair and Professor of Biological Sciences, is the chief academic and executive officer of USC Dornsife.

Dani Byrd

Vice Dean for Institutional Affairs
(213) 740-2444

Vice Dean Byrd oversees all aspects of USC Dornsife’s academic administration including faculty and educational excellence and strategic planning for programmatic and institutional development.

Charles McKenna

Vice Dean for Natural Sciences
(213) 740-7007

Professor of Chemistry Charles McKenna serves as vice dean for natural sciences, taking point on federal research advancement in USC Dornsife.

Peter C. Mancall

Vice Dean for the Humanities
(213) 821-2151

Peter Mancall, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of the Humanities and professor of history and anthropology, serves as vice dean for the humanities.

Wendy Wood

Vice Dean for Social Sciences
(213) 740-5504

Provost Professor of Psychology and Business Wendy Wood serves as vice dean for social sciences.

Ted Budge

Chief Financial Officer and Senior Associate Dean
(213) 740-4944

CFO and Senior Associate Dean Budge oversees USC Dornsife’s business office and Dornsife's mission-based budget focusing on educational and research efforts.

Neil Macready

Senior Associate Dean for Advancement
(213) 821-9334

Neil Macready leads the senior management team of USC Dornsife advancement, overseeing all directors of development and major gifts, corporate, foundation and federal relations, and constituent relations.

Sherri Sammon

Executive Assistant to the Dean
(213) 740-2531

Sherri Sammon provides primary administrative support to Dean Steve Kay.

Holly Kreiswirth

Administrative Assistant II
(213) 740-2531

Holly Kreiswirth provides primary administrative support to Executive Assistant Sherri Sammon including assisting with the Dean’s calendar, correspondence and day-to-day operations.

Inah Kang

Project Specialist
(213) 740-5500

Inah Kang manages the calendar and provides administrative support for Vice Dean Charles McKenna, including his research advancement projects. 

Amanda Cross

Office Manager
(213) 740-4905

Amanda Cross provides administrative support for Chief Financial Officer and Senior Associate Dean Ted Budge and serves as the office manager for the business office.

Linda Martinez

(213) 740-2531

Linda Martinez is the receptionist for the Dean’s Office.


Steven Lamy

Vice Dean for Academic Programs

Vice Dean Lamy oversees both undergraduate and graduate programs and all related offices.

Jane Cody

Associate Dean for Academic Programs
(213) 740-8555

Associate Dean Cody oversees curricular affairs and planning, graduate assistants, ALI, and Overseas Studies.

Richard Fliegel

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
(213) 740-2961

Associate Dean Fliegel oversees undergraduate programs and support offices including advising, general education, honors, JEP and the Writing Program.


Gigi Petrovich

Assistant to the Vice Deans
(213) 740-2531

Gigi Petrovich provides executive administrative support to Vice Deans Steven Lamy, Donal Manahan, Peter Mancall, and Wendy Wood.

Kimberly Allen

Director of Special Projects for Academic Programs

Kimberly Allen manages administration for graduate programs and special projects for Academic Programs.

Cynthea Jackson

Administrative Assistant II
(213) 740-6104

Cynthea Jackson manages the calendar of Vice Dean George Sanchez and provides other administrative support.

Korijna Valenti

Academic Programs Coordinator

Korijna Valenti provides research and analysis for curricular affairs, graduate assistants and Overseas Studies including the Problems Without Passports and Maymester programs, and administers the Dornsife Cambridge Summer Programme.


George Sanchez

Vice Dean for Diversity and Strategic Initiatives
(213) 740-5933

Vice Dean George Sanchez oversees diversity programs throughout USC Dornsife and advises the dean on a variety of issues.


Kathleen Speer

Senior Associate Dean
(213) 740-2444

Senior Associate Dean Speer oversees faculty affairs and research advancement operations and manages the support staff.


Svea Morales

Administrative Assistant II
(213) 740-2444

Svea Morales manages the calendars and provides administrative support for Vice Dean Dani Byrd and Senior Associate Dean Kathleen Speer. She also manages the faculty visiting scholar process.


April Burnett

Records Retention Manager
(213) 740-2531

April Burnett manages the document retention process in both electronic and paper files.  She also tracks incoming and outgoing correspondence to ensure proper distribution, follow-up and retention.

Rosa Cervantes

Appointment and Promotions Coordinator (Tenure Track Faculty)
(213) 740-4953

Rosa Cervantes manages the personnel records of tenure track faculty and coordinates College Personnel Committees reviewing dossiers for appointments and promotions.

Lisa Itagaki-Louie

Senior Project Manager
(213) 740-7211

Lisa Itagaki assists in managing the operations relative to non-tenure track faculty, faculty searches and hiring, visas and other special projects as needed.

Ida Morodome-Castilla

Faculty Load Coordinator
(213) 740-2531

Ida Morodome-Castilla coordinates and tracks faculty leaves, faculty teaching loads and welcomes the new faculty to the college.

Kat Reynolds

Appointment and Promotions Coordinator (Non-Tenure Track Faculty)
(213) 740-5052

Kat Reynolds manages appointments for non-tenure track teaching faculty including review of dossiers, crafting offer letters, ensuring proper teaching load.

Bonita Dymally

Faculty Affairs Assistant
(213) 740-1335

Bonita Dymally administers projects related to faculty recruitment, searches, hiring and compliance.

Eric Kula

Manager of Faculty Recognition and Awards Development
(213) 740-6547

Eric Kula identifies external award opportunities and facilitates nominations for Dornsife faculty.


Kathleen Speer

Senior Associate Dean
(213) 740-2444

Senior Associate Dean Speer oversees faculty affairs and research advancement operations and manages the support staff.

Sabrina Feeley

Director of Research Administration
(213) 740-7530

Sabrina Feeley manages the operations of the research office including leading her team of research administrators and providing guidance to faculty and staff regarding contracts and grants.

Mike Godinez

Contracts and Grants Coordinator
(213) 740-6852

Mike Godinez assists faculty and staff with activities related to internal and external funding such as grant proposal preparation and budget development.

Erin Ruml

Proposal Preparation Assistant
(213) 740-5854

Erin Ruml maintains a log of all proposals submitted by Dornsife faculty and assists faculty and staff with proposal preparation.


Donal Manahan

Vice Dean for Students

Vice Dean Manahan oversees College Admission, Advisement, Supplemental Instruction and other aspects of the USC College student experience outside the classroom.


James McElwain

(213) 821-5314

James McElwain oversees long range planning for facilities and architectural project management for renovation and new construction.

Irina Kotsinian

Facilities Coordinator
(213) 821-4326

Irina Kotsinian provides support and coordination for departmental facilities projects.