Alumni Publications


Chris Abani
The Secret History of Las Vegas: A Novel
(2014, Penguin)

Chris Abani
The Face
(2014, Restless Books)

Chris Abani
(2010, Copper Canyon)

Chris Abani
There Are No Names For Red
(2010, Red Hen)

Chris Abani
Feed Me the Sun
(2010, Peepal Tree)


Jennifer Kwon Dobbs
Paper Pavilion
(2007, White Pine)

Jennifer Kwon Dobbs
Notes from a Missing Person
(2015, Essay Press)


Stephan Clark
Sweetness #9
(2014, Little, Brown)

Ava Chin
Eating Wildly
(2014, Simon & Schuster)

Ava Chin
SPLIT: Stories from a Generation Raised on Divorce
(2002, McGraw-Hill)


Josie Sigler
The Galaxie and Other Rides
(2012, Livingston)

Josie Sigler
Living Must Bury
Winner of the Motherwell
(2010, Fence) 

Josie Sigler
(2009, Proem)

Bonnie Nadzam
(2011, Other Press)

Nicky Sa-eun Schildkraut
Magnetic Refrain
(2012, Kaya Press)

Neil Aitken
The Lost Country of Sight
Winner of the Philip Levine Prize
(2008, Anhinga Press)

Neil Aitken
(2015, Hyacinth Girl Press)

Brandon Som
The Tribute Horse
(2014, Nightboat Books)

Brandon Som
Babel's Moon
(2011, Tupelo Press)

Stephan Clark
Vladimir's Mustache
(2012, Russian Life)


Amaranth Borsuk with Andy Fitch
As We Know
(2014, Subito)


Amaranth Borsuk
Between Page and Screen
(2012, Siglio)


Amaranth Borsuk
(2012, Slope)

Amaranth Borsuk
Tonal Saw
(2010, Songcave)


Katherine Karlin
Send Me Work
(2010, Triquarterly)

 Bryan Hurt (editor)
(2015, OR Books)

Bryan Hurt
Everyone Wants to Be Ambassador to France
Winner of Starcherone Prize
(2015, Starcherone)


Eric Rawson
The Hummingbird Hour
(2010, CW Books)

Jessica Piazza
(2013, Red Hen Press)


Jessica Piazza
This Is Not a Sky
(2014, Black Lawrence Press)

Genevieve Kaplan
settings for these scenes
(2013, Convulsive)

Genevieve Kaplan
In the ice house
(2010, Red Hen)

Richard Reid
to be hung from the ceiling by strings of varying length
(2009, Akashic/Black Goat)

Siel Ju
Feelings Are Chemicals in Transit
(2014, Dancing Girl)

Siel Ju
Might Club
(2014, Horse Less Press)


Joshua Pryor
Fade to Black
(2011, Red Hen)

Joshua Pryor
Monkey in the Middle
(2003, Carroll and Graf)

Bridget Hoida
So L.A.
(2012, Lettered Press)

Cody Todd
Graffiti Signatures
(2013, Main Street Rag)


Cody Todd
To Frankenstein, My Father
(2007, Proem)

Luisa Villani
Danger Creature
(2013, Finishing Line) 


Luisa Villani
Running Away from Russia
(2001, Bordighera)

Amy Schroeder
The Sleep Hotel
(2010, Oberlin) 

Alexis Landau
The Empire of the Senses
(2015, Pantheon)


Saba Razvi
Of the Divining and the Dead
(2011, Finishing Line)

 Elizabeth Cantwell
Night I Let the Tiger Get You
(2014, Black Lawrence Press)


Elizabeth Cantwell
(2014, Grey Book)


Eric Rawson
(2013, Finishing Line Press)

Andrew Allport
the body | of space | in the shape of the human
(2012, New Issues)


Andrew Allport
The Ice Ship & Other Vessels
(2008, Proem)
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