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Wednesday, January 28th
4:00 PM

Professor Zubiaurre will discuss sexual
indeterminacy and pastiche in early
twentieth-century erotic Spain or “España
verde,” a Spain that is sparkling, dynamic,
uninhibited, freed from tradition, happily
oblivious to sexual constraints and gender
norms—so radically different from the
typical historical rendering of the country
as a somber, identity-searching nation.

Co-sponsored by the Department of
Spanish and Portuguese, USC, and the Del
Amo Foundation, USC Dornsife College of
Letters, Arts and Sciences

“World War I as a Latin American event: Modernismo and the question of cosmopolitan distance”

Monday, February 2nd
4:00 PM
THH 113

Mariano Siskind is the John L. Loeb Associate Professor of the Humanities at Harvard University. He teaches 19th and 20th century Latin American Literature with emphasis on its world literary relations, as well as the production of cosmopolitan discourses and processes of aesthetic globalization. He is the author of Cosmopolitan Desires. Global Modernity and World Literature in Latin America (Northwestern UP, 2014) and editor of Homi Bhabha's Nuevas minorías, nuevos derechos. Notas sobre cosmopolitimos vernáculos (2013) and Poéticas de la distancia. Adentro y afuera de la literatura argentina (Norma, 2006) (together with Sylvia Molloy). He is finishing a new monograph, World War Writing and the question of global distance. Latin American literature in the Great War (Routledge, forthcoming in 2016).

New Directions in Colonial and Postcolonial Latin American Studies

Monday, February 2nd
4:00 PM

“World War I as a Latin American Event:
Modernismo and the Question of
cosmopolitan distance”

Mariano Siskind (Harvard University),
author of Cosmopolitan Desires: Global
Modernity and World Literature in Latin
America (Evanston, IL: Northwestern UP,

Monday, February 23rd
4:00 PM

“Thresholds of Illiteracy: The Fictions of Sovereignty and Decoloniality”

Abraham Acosta (University of Arizona),
author of Thresholds of Illiteracy: Theory,
Latin America, and the Crisis of
Resistance (New York: Fordham UP,

Monday, April 13th
4:00 PM

“Escrituras Impoliticas: literatura y
politica en la América Latina de los años

Karina Miller (UC Irvine), author of
Escrituras Impolíticas: Antirepresentaciones
de la comunidad en
Osvaldo Lamborghini, Virgilio Piñera y
Juan Rodolfo Wilcock (Pittsburgh, PA:
Instituto Internacional de Literatura
Iberoamericana, 2015)


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