CSII Projects

Improving Immigrant Access to Insurance and Medical Care

Through this project, CSII is developing a strategic framework for supporting organizations advocating for undocumented immigrants' access to insurance and medical care benefits under the Affordable Care Act in California. The analysis will show the state contributions of unauthorized immigrants to our cities, region, and state. We focus on how access to insurance and medical care in California matters for unauthorized immigrants and the state as a whole.

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CCF Council on Immigrant Integration

Designed to organize, convene, and facilitate a council of stakeholders for the California Community Foundation, the CCF Council on Immigrant Integration brings together a group of stakeholders from business, labor, community-based organizations and city planners/governmental agencies. It serves as a mechanism to build alliances across sectors and form a working group to tackle policy development. The goal of the Council is that members: achieve a common understanding of immigrants’ complex roles in Los Angeles communities; engage in candid discussions about the realities facing immigrants and receiving communities; and reach consensus about mutual responsibilities and shared community goals that can ensure the continued social and economic well-being of the region. This project is funded by the California Community Foundation.

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Building Resilient Regions: The Immigrant Challenge

The BRR research network has defined a collaborative research agenda around a series of intersecting challenges facing America’s metropolitan regions. Among the most pressing of these is rapid demographic change, particularly the growth of the foreign-born population in many large metropolitan areas. In the context of an aging native-born workforce and the steady decline in the relative size of the non-Hispanic white population, the rise of immigrant populations means that many of America’s metropolitan areas will be majority-minority long before the U.S. itself crosses that threshold in about 2042.

The BRR Immigrant Challenge is a sub-project that examines the growth of the foreign descent population and the challenges their arrival poses to receiving areas.

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Dornsife 2020

USC Dornsife 2020, established by Dean Howard Gillman, encourages USC Dornsife faculty to work across existing departments and programs to identify a set of themes that will be of great societal relevance and importance in years to come. CSII was funded to elevate USC as the premier education institution for the interdisciplinary study of immigrant integration. Along with a team of interdisciplinary faculty at USC, CSII seeks to improve and expand on resources for graduate and undergraduate student education.

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