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Crystal Mun-hye Baik

Crystal Mun-hye Baik

American Studies and Ethnicity

Crystal Mun-hye Baik received her bachelor's degree in History and
Gender Studies from Williams College, and a masters degree in oral
history from Columbia University. As a doctorate student in American
Studies & Ethnicity at USC, Crystal's research focuses on Korean
diaspora, gender, and memory, and specifically looks at the discursive
genealogy and legacies of "illegality" among Korean women in the U.S. Crystal's work extends beyond the classroom: she regularly volunteers with the Korean Resource Center in LA, teaches yoga in community-based settings, and with support from the Radcliffe Institute of Advanced Study, she is the primary oral historian collecting life histories of immigrant women who have played critical roles in community organizing around immigrant-based rights, intimate partner violence, and historical violence.

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