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Contemporary Art in New York

Dates: May 17-June 14, 2015 (tentative)

Tuition: $6402 (part of Spring Load)

Airfare: $370-$390

Note: Students should wait to purchase airline tickets until instructed to do so, as courses may be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Accommodations and Miscellaneous (estimated): $2350 (includes $100/transit for month pass, $40/day for meals, and $300/week for housing)

Application: TBD; please check back periodically for updates.  Click here to view 2014 syllabus.

For more information, please contact Professor Suzanne Hudson at

 Contemporary art in New York offers a course in contemporary art history and critical writing, seeing these practices in dialogue. Over the weeks of the Maymester term, students will view numerous exhibitions and installations in museums, galleries, and outdoor sites, as well as study the history of criticism with the goal of learning to write about art from looking closely at it. Meetings with a host of art professionals—from critics and editors to curators and educators—will offer a range of opinions that will inform group discussions and provide insight into the practical concerns such jobs entail.

Students will participate in seminars three afternoons a week for three hours; these will introduce students to the history and practice of writing about contemporary art. Beginning with examples of exemplary historical criticism, we will then investigate more recent discourses around modern art, finally analyzing contemporary criticism's numerous forms in relation to its diverse venues (e.g., newspapers, magazines, monographs, and online formats) and imagined or real audiences. While reading will thus comprise a significant portion of our curriculum, students will also generate their own writings based on responses to objects and exhibitions that we will also visit as a group, and work as peer editors in the classroom setting. All of the above will contribute to a portfolio of critical writing.