Organizers & Sponsors

Kate Flint (University of Southern California, Departments of English and Art History, and Director of the Visual Studies Research Institute)
Anne Helmreich (Case Western Reserve, Department of Art History; Getty Foundation)
Erika Rappaport (University of California, Santa Barbara, Department of History)
Amy Woodson-Boulton (Loyola Marymount University, Department of History)

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Conference Graduate Student Assistant:
Charlotte Becker
Department of English
University of California, Santa Barbara

Program Committee:

Charlotte Becker (UCSB, English)
Lana Dalley (Cal State Fullerton, English)
Dehn Gilmore (Cal Tech, English)
Devin Griffiths (USC, English)
Kate Flint (USC, English and Art History)
Anne Helmreich (Getty Foundation and Case Western Reserve University, Art History)
Kevin Lambert (Cal State Fullerton, Liberal Studies)
Aaron Matz (Scripps College, English)
Robert McClain (Cal State Fullerton, History)
Bruce Robertson (UCSB, English)
Erika Rappaport (UCSB, History)
Molly Youngkin (Loyola Marymount, English)
Amy Woodson-Boulton (Loyola Marymount, History)
Susan Zieger (UC Riverside, English)

Sponsor Institutions:

  Loyola Marymount University
Office of the Provost
Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts
College of Communication and Fine Arts
Department of History
Department of English 
  University of California, Santa Barbara
Department of English
Department of Feminist Studies
Department of History
Department of the History of Art & Architecture
Program in Comparative Literature
Interdisciplinary Humanities Center
  University of Southern California
Department of Art History
Department of English
Visual Studies Research Institute
Visual Studies Graduate Certificate
  University of California, Los Angeles
Department of History