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JEP: Community Map & Site Information

At the JEP Center for Service Learning, a large part of our success has to do with our decision to partner with specific schools and agencies near the university. Most of the sites where we assign JEP students have been our partners for more than 25 years.  In return for our guarantee of students every semester, sites assign a single staff member to be their "JEP Coordinator". This person is responsible for helping to place students, help students resolve problems, maintain communications with the JEP House, and help to process student evaluations.

In choosing to focus on our own community, we hope to concentrate our resources and make a difference.  The proximity of the sites also is very helpful in combating transportation and scheduling issues.

If you are near the USC campus and would like to become a partner with us, please fill out an application as a community agency or student member or as a neighborhood school and we will get back to you.


These are the current locations we work with this semester. Click below to find the contact information.