In progress:

Richard Ellis

Paul Salay
"The More Things Change: Archaic Economic Institutions in the Western Mediterranean"
Committee: William Thalmann [chair], Vincent Farenga, Alain Bresson (U. Chicago), Eugene Cooper (Anthropology)

Matthew Taylor

Joanna Valentine
"The Archaeology of Parmenides"
Committee: Susan Lape [chair], Thomas Habinek, Anne Porter

Lisl Walsh

"Seneca's Medea and the Tragic Self"
Committee: A.J. Boyle [chair], Thomas Habinek, Hilary Schor (English)


Cindy Benton
"Making a Spectacle: Women, Violence and the Gaze in Euripidean and Senecan Tragedy"
Committee: Amy Richlin [chair], Vincent Farenga, Nancy Vickers
August 1999

Sarah Blake
"Writing Materials: Things in the Literature of Flavian Rome"
Committee: Thomas Habinek [chair], A.J. Boyle, Lisa Bitel (History)

May 2008

Sandra Blakely
"Daimones, Metallurgy, and Cult"
Committee: Richard Caldwell [chair], Thomas Habinek, Steven Lansing
August 1998

E. Del Chrol

"Countercultural Responses to the Crisis of Masculinity in Late Republican Rome"

Committee: Thomas Habinek [chair], Amy Richlin, Leo Braudy (English)

May 2006

Thomas Cirillo
"Categorizing Difference: Classification, Biology, and Politics in Aristotelian Philosophy"
Committe: Vincent Farenga [chair], Thomas Habinek, Daniel Richter, James Collins, Ariela Gross (Gould School of Law) 

Therese De Vet
"Oral Poets, Written Texts: The Influence of Performance Traditions on the Homeric Epics"
Committee: William G. Thalmann [chair], William Rutherford, Roger Woodard
September 1997

Jessica Dietrich
"Thebais rescriptrix: Rewriting and Closure in Statius' Thebaid 12"
Committee: A. J. Boyle [chair], John Pollini, Amy Richlin
June 1997

Rhiannon Evans
"Forma Orbis: Geography, Ethnography and Shaping the Roman Empire"
Committee: Amy Richlin [chair], A. J. Boyle, John Pollini
May 1999

Trevor Fear
"Love's Economy: Poets, Pimps, and Prostitution in Roman Elegy"
Committee: Amy Richlin [chair], Thomas Habinek, Moshe Lazar
September 1999

Hannah Fearnley
"Reading Martial's Rome"
Committee: A. J. Boyle [chair], John Pollini, Amy Richlin
August 1998

Catherine Feeley

"Reflexive Politics: Cicero's Relationship with the Roman Voters"

Committee: Thomas Habinek [chair], Clifford Ando, Lisa Bittel (English)

May 2006

Phillip Sidney Horky
"Plato's Magnesia and Philosophical Polities in Magna Graecia"
Committee: William G. Thalmann [chair], Thomas Habinek, Kevin van  Bladel, Christopher Bobonich, Ronald Hock (School of Religion)
August 2007

Mark Masterson
"Roman Manhood at the End of the Ancient World"
Committee: Amy Richlin [chair], Clifford Ando, Joseph Allen Boone, William G. Thalmann
May 2001

Siobhan McElduff
"Translation and Cultural Authority in Rome"
Committee: Thomas Habinek [chair], A.J. Boyle, Brendan Nagle
May 2004

Kristina Meinking
"Anger Matters: Politics and Theology in the Fourth Century CE"
Committee: Thomas Habinek [chair], Clifford Ando, Kevin van Bladel, Jason Glenn (History)
August 2010

Peter O'Neill
"Non-elite Speech in Ancient Rome"
Committee: Thomas Habinek [chair], Clifford Ando, Carolyn Dewald, Karen Pinkus, Amy Richlin
May 2001

Rosa Cornford Parent
"Mapping Identity Politics in Lucian"
Committee: William G. Thalmann [chair], Amy Richlin, Ronald Hock (School of Religion)
September 1999

Diane Pintabone
"Women and the Unspeakable: Rape in Ovid's Metamorphoses"
Committee: Amy Richlin [chair], A. J. Boyle, Heather James
August 1998

Philip Purchase
"Narcissism and the Dying Subject in Ancient Pastoral and Elegy."
Committee: Thomas Habinek [chair], A.J. Boyle, Heather James

Eleanor Rust
"Ex Angulis Secretisque Librorum: Reading, Writing, and Using Miscellaneous Knowledge in the Noctes Atticae"
Committee: Thomas Habinek [chair], Daniel Richter, Margaret Rosenthal ( French and Italian)
August 2009

Joseph Smith
"The Translation of Tragedy into Imperial Rome: A Study of Seneca's Hercules and Oedipus"
Committee: A. J. Boyle [chair], William G. Thalmann, Richard Ide
December 1997

Chiara Sulprizio
"Gender, Space and Warfare in the Early Plays of Aristophanes"
Committee: Amy Richlin [chair], Susan Lape, Clifford Ando, Nancy Lutkehaus (Anthropology)
August 2007

Alex Watts-Tobin
"Generals and Particulars in Thucydides"
Committee: Carolyn Dewald [chair], Brendan Nagle, Thomas Scanlon
August 2000

Daniella Widdows
"Removing the Body:  Representations of Animal Skins of Ancient Greek Vases"
Committee:  William Thalmann [chair], Vincent Farenga, Hilary Schor

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