NEW Degree Requirements

Major in Classics

The new major requirements ask each student to choose a TRACK of courses whose learning objectives provide distinctly different sets of skills and types of knowledge about ancient Greece and Rome. In a nutshell:


(1) TRACK I is for students who wish to learn both Greek AND Latin in order to read significant amounts of Greek and Latin literature in the original.  Language study is strongly emphasized. If a student is thinking of graduate study in Classics, this Track is a must.


(2) TRACK II is for students who wish to study not just Classics but the legacy and influence of Classics on the modern western tradition and the influence of Classical civilization on the contemporary world.  Greek OR Latin is required for language study.


(3) TRACK III is for students who wish to understand Greek and Roman civilization in the broader context of other ancient civilizations in the Mediterranean and Near East and from disciplinary perspectives like history, archaeology, anthropology, political science, etc.  Greek or Latin is not required but recommended. 


* Majors are also required to take a capstone course. 


Minor in Classics

The Classics minor requires one language course at the beginning-level (100-level) or above; four upper-division courses; and one course from either A or B:

CLAS 150 The Greeks and the West
CLAS 151 Civilization of Rome
CLAS 280 Classical Mythology

Second and third semester Latin or Greek courses (Greek 150, Greek 220, Latin 150, Latin 222)

Special note concerning advisement:
Because of the great flexibility built into the Classics major and minor, students are encouraged to have their course schedule approved by the undergraduate adviser regularly (every semester for majors).

To monitor the fulfillment of degree requirement students should consult Roberto Leni in the Office of College Advising. To discuss long range plans and interests, students should meet with Professor Vincent Farenga, Director of Undergraduate Studies.

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