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  • 09/01/13: September Newsletter Available

    Click here for the CIS September newsletter.

  • 08/28/13: CIS welcomes incoming Postdoc Fellow Mauricio Rivera Celestino

    Mauricio Rivera Celestino is the incoming CIS Hayward R. Alker Postdoctoral Fellow for 2013-14. Mauricio was born in Mexico. He finished his PhD at the Government Department at the University of Essex, UK this past year. His main areas of study are Comparative politics, International relations, and Latin American politics. More specifically,his  research focuses on issues related to political regimes and regime change, protest and collective action, repression and human rights violations, and the rule of law. He often uses mixed-method research designs in my research. His work has appeared or will appear at the Journal of Peace Research, Política & Gobierno. Other articles are under review in other peer-reviewed journals. Welcome to CIS Mauricio, we look forward to working with you!

  • 08/27/13: 2012-2013 Postdoc Fellow Andrew Radin recipient of Belfer Center fellowship at Harvard University

    CIS is pleased to announce that Andrew Radin, the Hayward R. Alker Postdoctoral Fellow from this past academic year, has accepted a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University! His fellowship is with the Belfer Center International Security Program at the Kennedy School of Government. Andrew received his Phd at MIT in 2012, and his research focuses on democratization and state building in post-conflict societies. He is especially interested in how apparently benevolent ideas go awry when confronted with the realities of the domestic politics of post-conflict societies. Click here for more information about Andrew's current book project and research. Thank you for a great year Andrew, you will be missed!

  • 08/26/13: Call for Faculty Research Grant proposals

    Click here for proposal guidelines and submission information.

  • 02/4/13: CIS workshop on human trafficking featured on NPR

    Organized by Professors Alice Echols and Rhacel Parrenas and funded by CIS, the workshop "From Prosecution to Empowerment: Fighting Trafficking and Promoting the Rights of Migrants" was held this weekend on February 2, 2013.

    Some of the highlights from the event was summarized in an NPR write up that was broadcasted on Sunday morning (2/3/13) in KPCC,


    As Rhacel Parrenas wrote us:


    "The conference was a huge success. It had an attendance of over 200 students and community members. It brought together academics, social workers, and legal advocates. Participants repeatedly raised the problem of the lack of reliable data on human trafficking. The conference also established that indeed the leading anti-trafficking stakeholders, specifically the United Nations, the US Department of State, and grassroots organizations, have a different conception and definition of human trafficking. Getting official representatives/leaders from each of these three groups to publicly acknowledge this difference on the same panel was a breakthrough. Speaking for the US Department of State had been Mark Taylor, for the UN had been Anne Gallagher and providing the grassroots perspective had been Ann Jordan - all leaders or as some participants/attendees described "powerhouses in the fight against trafficking." It is exciting that this happened at USC!


    Alice and I believe that this conference marks an important turn for USC, establishing its role as a leading institution towards providing alternative solutions to the problem of human trafficking. We are grateful for the support of CIS towards making this happen."


  • 01/17/13: Call for Faculty workshop proposals for FY 2013-2014

    CIS announces call for faculty workshop proposals for the next academic year, 2013-2014.

  • 01/17/13: Second Call -- Guidelines for Faculty Research Support Grants 2012-13

    CIS announces second call for applications for this year's faculty research grants (reviewed on a rolling basis).

  • 12/19/12: Rings of Power Struggle

    A new co-authored textbook on international relations by CIS Director Patrick James and USC alumna Abigail E. Ruane is based on The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Click here for the story in the USC Dornsife newsletter.

  • 11/15/12: Call for Applications -- Hayward R. Alker Postdoctoral Fellowship 2013-14

    CIS announces call for applications for this year's CIS Hayward R. Alker Postdoctoral Fellowship Competition. Deadline for RECEIVING applications is January 28, 2013. Please see above for application details.

  • 11/12/12: Call for Faculty Research Cluster Proposals

    CIS announces call for proposals for this year's Faculty Research Clusters (RCs). CIS envisions the creation of RCs that bring together researchers from different disciplines in order to take on subjects of major scope. RCs approved by CIS will receive an initial award of $2,500, which can be renewed annually based upon demonstrated progress. The deadline for proposals is MONDAY, DECEMBER 17.

  • 08/01/12: Introducing CIS Fellow Andrew Radin!

    Andrew Radin is the recipient of this year's CIS Hayward R. Alker Post-Doctoral Fellowship. Radin completed his PhD in Political Science at MIT in June 2012. His dissertation, which focuses on Bosnia, Kosovo, and East Timor, is entitled "The Limits of State Building: The Politics of War and the Ideology of Peace."

    Welcome to USC Andrew!


  • 08/20/12: Guidelines for Faculty Research Support Grants 2012-13

    CIS announces call for applications for this year's faculty research grants.

  • 02/03/12: CIS Postdoctoral Fellow 2011-2012 Jordan Branch accepts position at Brown University

    CIS is pleased to announce that our Hayward R. Alker Postdoctoral Fellow from 2011-2012 Jordan Branch has accepted an Assistant Professor position in the Political Science department at Brown University. He will begin teaching there this coming fall 2012.

  • 01/01/12: New publication by past CIS fellow Maya Eichler now available

    Maya Eichler's new publication, Militarizing Men: Gender, Conscription, and War in Post-Soviet Russia, is now available from Stanford University Press. Maya Eichler was a Hayward R. Alker Postdoctoral Fellow here at CIS in 2009-10. She is currently a research fellow in Gender and International Security at the Harvard Kennedy School. This is her first book.