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Supplemental Instruction Schedules for CHEM 105a

Einav's SI Schedule


Until Classroom Scheduling is able to provide us with rooms, for all "TBA" sessions, meet in front of VKC 100 and as a group search for a room.  Check this site for updates.

  • Tuesday       2-3 PM      WPH 400
  • Tuesday       5-6 PM      THH 113
  • Tuesday       6-7 PM      THH 113
  • Wednesday   11-12PM   GFS 204

CHEM 105a SI Exam Review Schedule


Remember to print the review sheet to take the the review as copies will not be provided.  The review sheet will be emailed to you by the morning of the review.

Exam Reivew #1: Thur, Feb 4  6-8 PM   ZHS 163

Exam Reivew #2: Thur, Mar 3  6-8 PM LVL 16

Exam Reivew #3: Thur, Mar 31  6-8 PM THH 210

Exam Review #4: Thur, April 21  6-8 PM THH 210

Final Exam Review: Sunday, May 1  5-7 PM  THH 102