"DIVE" The Flying Dutchman

For a Donation of $95 You Receive:

For those who can’t take a Wednesday off, we have the perfect solution—sign up for the Flying Dutchman. In nautical lore, the Flying Dutchman is bad news as it was the name of a mythical ship doomed to sail the seas forever and never reach port. But from a Chamber Day perspective, the Dutchman is a good thing because it helps us raise more money for our Chamber and gets you a unique T-shirt.

Our Flying Dutchman is the answer for folks who can't get wet on May 7 but who want to say they “dove” the event. You won’t really go anywhere but you’ll get all the other benefits of Chamber Day participation. An “on-board” raffle will be conducted, just like on all the other boats, and you’ll get a Chamber Day T-shirt—but yours will be unique.

Everyone who dives the Dutchman gets a special, limited-edition Flying Dutchman Chamber Day T-shirt that’s available only to those who dive the Dutchman. This year, the back design features the Dutchman rounding up evil nitrogen bubbles trying to bend divers and herding those bubbles into a floating version of our Chamber. The front of the shirt will have your name on it as a member of the “Lost Crew” of the Flying Dutchman. You can either use your real name or make up your pirate name—it’s your choice (though we retain the right of final approval on any pirate name submitted).

Dutchman T-Shirt FrontAND DO NOT FORGET YOUR PIRATE NAME! All Dutchman divers get their names listed on the t-shirt. You can use whatever name you like. Feel free to use your real name OR enter your PIRATE name. (For example - Ken Kurtis is "Kenneth the Kurt"; Bonnie Cardone is "Bo'sun Bonnie".) One name for each t-shirt you order. Have fun with it.

Cost for the Dutchman, like all the other boats, is $95 (but no food and airfills to pay for). This includes your T-shirt, on-board raffle ticket, and 5 Chamber Day raffle tickets. It’s a great way to participate if you can’t get away for the day. For the past 5 years we’ve had over 100 people “dive” the Dutchman, and this year we're hoping to do even better.

To sign up for the Dutchman, either sign using the secure server or call 310-652-4990.

  • Chamber Day 2014
  • c/o USC Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber
  • P.O. Box 5069
  • Avalon, CA 90704