Flying Dutchman "CREW"

For a Donation of $95 You Receive:

  • Limited Edition Commemorative Flying Dutchman 2014 T-shirt with your name or "Pirate" name on the front*

  • Five (5) Chamber Day 2014 Raffle Tickets

  • Ticket to the Flying Dutchman "On-Board" Boat Raffle

  • Listing of your Pirate Name as a Member of the Flying Dutchman"crew" on the T-shirt & on the On-Line Manifest

    * Since we will be printing t-shirts only for those people signing up for the Flying Dutchman, the t-shirts will be sent out following Chamber Day with your "Pirate" name on it.

Lost Crew of The Flying Dutchman

Captain - Kenneth the Kurt
First Mate - Top Hat Tulin
Galley Wench 1 - C-Love
Galley Wench 2 - Anne Bonney

Judge Barnacle Bernie Ric Selber Dive Doc Tabby
NurseShark Linda Sin City Seadog Samsung Sister Sue
Ted Lavino Attorney Tim the Terror Finkick R
Mad Jack Kailua Kate Captain Red Legs Grrraham

  • Chamber Day 2013
  • c/o USC Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber
  • P.O. Box 5069
  • Avalon, CA 90704