Chamber Day 2014




Due to the likelihood of rough seas and anticipated marginal dive conditions (at best) at the island, we are being forced to cancel the daytime diving portion of Chamber Day. DO NOT go to whatever boat you've signed up for. Due to the number of people and agencies involved for the island portion of this, it's impossible for us to just move this to another day.

However . . .

A couple of the boat captains (Magician & Pacific Star) have said they will choose another Wednesday as a make-up day. Since we won't be able to schedule island tours, they will do a third dive instead. We will forward contact info to those boats and they will be in touch with you about rescheduling.

The other participating boats (Asante, Cee Ray, Hattitude, Second Stage, & Sundiver) have agreed to a plan where they'll essentially give you a rain check for a single-day trip to Catalina on an Open Boat (or perhaps on a chartered trip that's not quite full). You will have until September 1 (so the entire summer) to make use of this. We still won't be able to offer you an island tour, but you'll get a full day of diving in.

So, essentially, the boats will work with you directly to make this up. None of this affects the Giant Stride as they weren't planning on doing their dive until later in the month.

The Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber is all about dive safety and this decision, while difficult, is made in that same spirit. We not only want you to be safe when you dive but we don't want to jeopardize your personal safety in getting you to a dive site nor place you in water conditions that make safe diving more difficult.

That all being said, we hope you'll not lose sight of the fact that the daytime portion of Chamber Day represents a significant portion of the over funds raised during this event. And while we still have Chamber Evening, the Flying Dutchman, and merchandise sales, we still need to have the revenue generated by the daytime activities as well. So while we know you'd rather have gone diving on May 7, we hope you'll understand why we think you shouldn't, and will be OK with our backup plans.

For right now, if you were signed up for one of the Chamber Day boats, we'd like you to confirm that you have seen this announcement so we know you know not to come down to the boats. Please e-mail and let us know your name and the boat you were scheduled to be on. If you had more than one spot, let us know that too. And if you're answering for other people, let us know their names as well.

We will also do the Daytime Raffle as planned tomorrow. We are in the process of running labels for every person signed up for Chamber Day (5 each, like you would have gotten on the boat) and will throw them in our raffle bin. We will pull winners names tomorrow and e-mail you once again as well as post names on the local BBSes. You may come by the Aquarium of the Pacific from 4-7PM to pick up your prizes. If that's not convenient, you can pick up your prize at Ocean Adventures after May 8.

We are still looking at options for getting your Chamber Day t-shirts to you and we will notify you when the plans are finalized (one of the options would be to pick them up at the Chamber booth at the Long Beach Scuba Show).

We're truly sorry for the inconvenience. This is still shaping up to be a successful event, just one this year that won't involve anyone getting wet.

Ken Kurtis & Karl Huggins
Chamber Day 2014

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