New Directions in Feminist Research Seminars


**Please note: we have moved to a bi-annual format for our NDFR seminars.**


Every two years, CFR sponsors an interdisciplinary research seminar broadly related to feminist topics, themes, or methods. The seminar brings together gender studies researchers from all fields, including scholars working in the social sciences, humanities, social work, communications, medicine, public health and policy, or other fields. New Directions in Feminist Research Seminars offer a setting where faculty and advanced graduate students pursuing related research can work intensively on their own ongoing projects in a collegial atmosphere that encourages productive experimentation and provides both intellectual and material support.



In autumn of even-numbered years, the Center for Feminist Research will invite proposals from USC scholars in any school or discipline to be the annual Director of the “New Directions in Feminist Research” seminar.  Candidates should propose a broadly thematic, interdisciplinary topic for a research seminar derived from their own ongoing research. Topics must be related to feminism or gender studies or employ feminist approaches or methods. Directors will help select New Directions Fellows to participate in a year-long scholarly seminar focusing on collaborative discussion of works in progress related to the chosen seminar theme.  Seminar Directors will receive $5000 in research funding and, if they hold positions within the College, release from teaching one course (pending deans’ final approval in each case.)  Director will also manage a small programming budget.  Seminar format is flexible but must include at least six meetings over the academic year.



In spring of odd-numbered years, the Center for Feminist Research will invite proposals from USC faculty, advanced graduate students, and resident artists in any school or discipline at USC for New Directions Fellowships. Fellows must propose ongoing research projects related broadly to the seminar’s theme. Fellows are expected to attend all seminar meetings and events, to present their work to the seminar, and help plan any public programming related to the year’s seminar. They are expected to produce a completed project at end of the seminar, (for example, a monograph chapter, article, multimedia project, performance, or major grant proposal.)  Faculty fellows will each receive $2500 in research funding, graduate students will receive $1000.

For more information about New Directions in Feminist Research, the position of seminar Director, or New Directions Fellowships, please contact: cfr @

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