Julian Gutierrez-Albilla

Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese and Comparative Literature

Contact Information
E-mail: juliangu@usc.edu
Phone: (213) 740-1258
Office: THH 156


Biographical Sketch

Julian Daniel Gutierrez-Albilla is originally from Spain, but completed his high school at the Lycee Espagnol in Paris. He studied Art History at University College London where he was taught by Tamar Garb, Helen Weston and Briony Fer. These art historians greatly contributed to Julian Daniel's way of thinking historically, formally and theoretically about visual culture. He subsequently pursued graduate research in the field of Spanish cinema under the direction of Jo Labanyi at the University of London. After teaching at Duke University and gaining a Masters in Hispanic Languages and Literatures at the University of California Berkeley, Julian Daniel went to the University of Cambridge to pursue a PhD in the field of Spanish and Latin American Cinema under the direction of Paul Julian Smith. He obtained his PhD in 2005 and he remains grateful to the knowledge in Hispanic Studies, Film Studies, Psychoanalysis, Feminisn and Queer Theory he acquired from his thesis director and from Jo Labanyi. Subsequently, he taught in the US from 2004 to 2007 before going to Newcastle University in the UK where he taught Spanish and Latin American Cinema. At Newcastle University, Julian Daniel worked very closely with colleagues in Film Studies and Latin American Studies. He remains very proud of his students in these two graduate programs. Julian Daniel has published a book on the cinema of Luis Bunuel, entitled: Queering Bunuel: Sexual Dissidence and Psychoanalysis in his Mexican and Spanish Cinema, and numerous book chapters and articles in the field of Spanish and Latin American Cinema, including the cinema of Almodovar, Hector Babenco, Walter Salles or Lucrecia Martel. He is very interested in Feminist Theory, Queer Theory, Psychoanalysis and Trauma Studies. Julian Daniel is currently working on a book on poetics, politics and trauma in the cinema of Pedro Almodovar for Edinburgh University Press and has co-edited a book on women filmmakers in the Hispanic and Lusophone world and a Companion to Bunuel.


  • B.A. History of Art, University College London, 1997
  • M.A. Hispanic Languages and Literatures, University California Berkeley, 2001
  • Ph.D. Modern and Medieval Languages, University of Cambridge, 2005

  • Description of Research

    Summary Statement of Research Interests
    I am currently completing a monograph on the Cinema of Pedro Almodóvar in which I explore the way in which his 1990s and 2000s films, from The Flower of my Secret to The Skin I Live In, function as a mode of mourning and witnessing the traumatic past. Through the cinematic image, Almodóvar mediates between subjective and collective experiences and discourses at a macro and micro-political level.
    Research Keywords
    Spanish and Latin American Cinema, Visual Culture, Gender Studies, Queer Theory, Psychoanalysis, Trauma and Memory
    Research Specialties
    Spanish and Latin American Cinema, Gender and Sexuality, Critical Theory, Trauma and Memory

    Conferences and Other Presentations

    Conference Presentations
    • "La piel del horror, el horror en la piel. Poder, violencia y trauma en el cuerpo (post)humano en La piel que habito", Talk/Oral Presentation, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Invited, 2013-2014   
    • "Remembering and Repeating Horrors of the Past: The Inscription of Trauma on Skin and Subjectivity in Pedro Almodóvar’s La piel que habito", Talk/Oral Presentation, MLA Boston, 2012-2013   
    • "Round-table discussion with Spanish directors, Pablo Berger, Patricia Ferreira and Benito Zambrano and actress Angela Molina, coming to Los Angeles for the XVIII Recent Spanish Cinema", Roundtable/Panel, School of Cinematic Arts, USC, Invited, 2012-2013   
    • "Spanish Film Study Day for elementary and middle school students", Talk/Oral Presentation, Egyptian Theater, Los Angeles, (co-sponsored by the Dornsife College of Letters, , Invited, 2012-2013   
    • "The Cinema of Luis Buñuel in Almodóvar", Talk/Oral Presentation, California State University Fullerton, Invited, 2012-2013   
    • "The Spanish Civil War and the Franco Regime Through the Perspective of Children in Spanish Cinema: The case of Guillermo del Toro", Lecture/Seminar, Lycee International de Los Angeles, Invited, 2012-2013   
    • "Almodovar's Women: Cinema, Theater and Television", Moderator, Talk/Oral Presentation, USC, Invited, 2011-2012   
    • "Bunuel's El", Lecture/Seminar, School of Cinematic Arts, USC, Invited, 2011-2012   
    • "Filming Marginal Children. Social and Sexual Marginality and the Subversive Power of the ‘Time-Image’ in Hector Babenco’s Pixote (1981)", 2011 Brazilian Society for Cinema and Audio-Visual Studies Conference, Talk/Oral Presentation, Refereed Paper, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Federal University Rio de Janeiro, 2011-2012   
    • "Inscribing/Scratching the Past on the "Surface" of the "Skin" in Almodovar's La mala educacion", Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Talk/Oral Presentation, Refereed Boston, 2011-2012   
    • "Inscribir/Aranar el pasado traumatico en/de la superficie de "la piel desgarrada," en/del "cuerpo danado" y en "la psique herida en La mala educacion de Almodovar", Talk/Oral Presentation, Universidad Complutense Madrid, Invited, 2011-2012   
    • "Reading Trauma and Memory in Almodóvar’s La mala educación through Graphic Design and Costume", Intermediality and Spanish-language Visual Culture, Talk/Oral Presentation, New York, Graduate Center, City University New York, Invited, 2011-2012   
    • "Round-table discussion with Argentine directors, Sergio Teubal and Fernando Spiner, producer, Ricardo Freixa, and Minister, Andrea Celoria, coming to Los Angeles for the X Argentina New Cinema", Roundtable/Panel, Los Angeles, USC, Invited, 2011-2012   
    • "Round-table discussion with Spanish director, Achero Mañas, producer, Isona Passola, and actors, Alvaro Cervantes, Adrian Lastra and Nora Navas, coming to Los Angeles for the XVII Recent Spanish Cinema", Roundtable/Panel, Los Angeles, USC, Invited, 2011-2012   
    • "Spanish Film Study Day for middle and high school students, Egyptian Theater, Los Angeles ", Lecture/Seminar, Los Angeles, Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, US, Invited, 2011-2012   
    • "The Politics of Memory on Screen: 21st Century Latin America and Spain", Roundtable/Panel, USC, Visions and Voices, Invited, 2011-2012   
    • "Becoming a Queer (M)other in/and/through Film: Trans-Sexuality, Trans-Subjectivity and Maternal Relationality in Almodóvar’s Todo sobre mi madre (1999)", Brown Bag Talk Series, Talk/Oral Presentation, University Southern California, Department of Comparative Literature, Invited, 2010-2011   
    • "Cuerpo trans-textual, cuerpo transexual y cuerpo transubjetivo en Todo sobre mi madre", Segundo workshop internacional de investigación: representación del cuerpo e identidad de género, Talk/Oral Presentation, Paper, Madrid, Spain, Universidad Complutense, Invited, 2010-2011   
    • "La ética y la política de la memoria en el cine español contemporáneo", Congreso de cine en español y portugués, Talk/Oral Presentation, Refereed Paper, Salamanca, Spain, Universidad de Salamanca, 2010-2011   
    • "Matrixial Psychoanalysis and the Cinema of Lucrecia Martel", Segundo Congreso Internacional "Artes en Cruce", Keynote Lecture, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Facultad de Filosofia y Letras, Universidad de Bue, Invited, 2010-2011   
    • "Risks of Representation and Interpretation of Traumatic Memories in Recent Spanish Documentaries", Geographies of Risk, Talk/Oral Presentation, Urbana-Champaign, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Invited, 2010-2011   
    • "Subjective Realism, Social Disintegration and Bodily Affection in Lucrecia Martel’s La ciénaga", Cine-Lit VII: An International Conference on Hispanic Film and Literature, Talk/Oral Presentation, Refereed Paper, Portland, Oregon, 2010-2011   
    • "Contemporary Spanish Documentary Filmmaking", MLA, Talk/Oral Presentation, Refereed Philadelphia, 2009-2010   
    • "Heterosociality, the Matrixial and Nostalgic Utopia in Almodovar's Volver", Geographical Imaginaries and Hispanic Film, Talk/Oral Presentation, Refereed New Orleans, Tulane University, 2009-2010   
    • "The Cinema of Lucrecia Martel", Gender, Aesthetics and Audiovisual Communication, Talk/Oral Presentation, Madrid, Universidad Carlos III, Invited, 2009-2010   
    • "The Cinema of Pedro Almodovar", All About Almodovar, Roundtable/Panel, New York, King Juan Carlos Center, NYU, Invited, 2009-2010   
    • "Trauma and Memory in Contemporary Spanish Visual Culture", Keynote Lecture, Cardiff, Wales, UK, Cardiff School of European Studies, University of , Invited, 2009-2010   

    Other Presentations
    • "On Queer Film Theory and Almodóvar" and "On Buñuel and Almodóvar", Undergraduate and Graduate Seminars at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2013-2014   
    • "Pedagogical Aspects of Contemporary Spanish Cinema", Jornada Formativa para Profesores, Agregaduria de Educacion, Consulado General de Espana, Los Angeles, Fall 2010   


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    Book Chapter
    • Gutierrez-Albilla, J. (2013). Filming in the Feminine: Subjective Realism, Social Disintegration and Bodily Affection in Lucrecia Martel's La cienaga (2001). Hispanic and Lusophone Women Filmmakers
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    Book Review
    • Gutierrez-Albilla, J. Spanish Queer Cinema by Chris Perriam. Bulletin of Spanish Studies.
    • Gutierrez-Albilla, J. Luis Bunuel: dos miradas ed. Patricia Cavielles Garcia and Gerhard Poppenberg. Bulletin of Hispanic Studies.

    Journal Article
    • Gutierrez-Albilla, J. Rethinking Spanish Visual Cultural Studies Through an "Untimely" Encounter with La Ribot's Dance/Performance Art.
    • Gutierrez-Albilla, J. Reframing Armiñán’s/Borau’s Mi querida señorita: Queer Embodiment and Subjectivity through the Poetics of Cinema. Studies in Spanish and Latin American Cinemas.
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