Tal Peretz

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E-mail: tperetz@usc.edu

Biographical Sketch

Having designing my own major in Diversity and Oppression, I graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in 2005, then spent a year doing volunteer tutoring and mentoring for underprivileged students. Other experiences, including backpacking through Europe, working at an HIV/AIDS resource center, and volunteering at a Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Shelter helped persuade me that I could do more good in the world with a Doctoral degree. My research interests include the intersection of men and feminism (my undergraduate thesis was about Black men in feminist organizations), and working towards involving more men in feminist activism. More generally, I am interested in Gender/Sexuality, Race, Class, Power, and Social Change.


  • B.A. Penn State Univ, 05/2005



  • Sociology
  • 851 Downey Way
  • HSH 314
  • Los Angeles, CA 90089-2539