Nicholas Weller

Assistant Professor of Political Science

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Phone: (213) 740-1688
Office: VKC 327

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Nicholas Weller is currently involved in two major research proj­ects. One project involves using experimental techniques to study how networks affect the ability of groups to solve collective action problems that are central to global environmental issues, mass political action, and international and domestic policy-making. His other research project focuses on how to combine small-N and large-N research to improve our understanding of causal mechanisms. His research has been published in political science, sociology, law, and computer science venues. He teaches courses on political economy and research methods. Professor Weller earned his Ph.D. from the University of Califor­nia, San Diego. Email:


  • B.A. History and Policy Studies, Rice University, 5/1999
  • Ph.D. Political Science, University of California, SanDiego, 9/2008

  • Publications

    Journal Article
    • Moule, E., Weller, N. W. (2011). Learning in Laboratories of Democracy: The Diffusion of Political Information via Direct Democracy in the U.S. States. State Politics and Policy Quarterly. Vol. 11 (3)
    • Boudreau, C., McCubbins, M. D., Rodriguez, D., Weller, N. W. (2010). Making Talk Cheap (and Problems Easy): How Political and Legal Institutions Can Facilitate Consensus. Journal of Empirical Legal Studies.
    • Weller, N. W. (2009). Trading Policy: Constituents and Party in U.S. Trade Policy. Public Choice. Vol. 141 (1), pp. 87.
    • McCubbins, M. D., Paturi, R., Weller, N. W. (2009). Connected Coordination: Network Structure and Group Coordination. American Politics Research. Vol. 37 (5)

    • McCubbins, M. D., Turner, M., Weller, N. (2012). The Theory of Minds Within the Theory of Games. International Conference on Artificial Intelligence.
    • McCubbins, M. D., Turner, M., Weller, N. (2012). The Challenge of Flexible Intelligence for Models of Human Behavior. Spring 2012. Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, Technical Report.
    • McCubbins, M. D., Turner, M., Weller, N. (2012). The Mythology of Game Theory. In Editors: Shanchieh Jay Yang, Ariel Greenberg and Mica Endsley (Ed.), Social Computing, Behavioral-Cultural Modeling, & Prediction, Springer Lectures Notes in Computer Science.
    • Enemark, D., McCubbins, M., Paturi, R., Weller, N. (2011). Does more connectivity help groups to solve social problems?. Proceedings of the ACM Conference of Electronic Commerce 2011.

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