David Albertson
Associate Professor of Religion
Ph.D. Religion, University of Chicago
Office: ACB 227
Phone: (213)740-7050
Email: dalberts@usc.edu

Research Specialities: Medieval and early modern Christianity; Christian mysticism; medieval and early modern philosophy; religion and visual culture; philosophy of religion
Lisa Bitel
Professor of History and Religion
Ph.D. History, Harvard University
Office: SOS 282
Phone: (213)821-2150
Email: bitel@usc.edu

Research Specialities: Medieval European history, history of Christianity, religious studies, women's and gender history, Irish history, Celtic literatures and cultures, art and archaeology of medieval Europe, visual and material culture of pre-modern Europe
Sheila Briggs
Associate Professor of Religion and Gender Studies

Office: ACB 130
Phone: (213)740-0267
Email: sbriggs@usc.edu
Cavan Concannon
Assistant Professor of Religion
Ph.D. New Testament and Early Christianity, Harvard University
Email: concanno@usc.edu

Research Specialities: New Testament, Early Christianity, Pauline Studies, Historical Jesus, Greek and Roman Archaeology, Theory and Method in the Study of Religion, Continental Philosophy
Lynn Dodd
Associate Professor of the Practice of Religion
Ph.D. Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, University of California, Los Angeles
Office: ACB 335
Phone: (213)740-0266
Email: swartz@usc.edu

Research Specialities: Amuq Valley Research Project Survey (Turkey) Kenan Tepe Excavations (Tigris River, Turkey) Native American Sacred Landscapes Project (California) Tell al-Judaidah Publication Project (Turkey) Israeli Palestinian Archaeology Working Group (Co-organizer)
Ronald Garet
Carolyn Craig Franklin Professor of Law and Religion and Professor of Law
Ph.D. Religious Studies, Yale University
Office: LAW 454
Phone: (213)740-2568
Email: rgaret@law.usc.edu
James Lewis Heft
Alton M. Brooks Professor of Religion

Office: URC 102
Phone: (213)740-3055
Email: heft@usc.edu
Janet Hoskins
Professor of Anthropology and Religion
Ph.D. Anthropology, Harvard University
Office: KAP 348F
Phone: (213)740-1913
Email: jhoskins@usc.edu
Sherman Jackson
King Faisal Chair in Islamic Thought and Culture and Professor of Religion and American Studies and Ethnicity
Ph.D. Oriental Studies: Islamic Near East, University of Pennsylvania
Office: ACB 230
Phone: (213)740-0272
Email: sajackso@usc.edu
Rongdao Lai
Assistant Professor of Religion
Ph.D. East Asian Religions, McGill University
Office: ACB 235
Phone: (213)740-3623
Email: leilai@usc.edu

Research Specialities: Modern Chinese Buddhism, Buddhism and the state, Buddhist education, transnational religious networks, religion and social activism in Asia
Sonya Lee
Associate Professor of Art History, East Asian Languages & Cultures, and Religion
Ph.D. Art History, University of Chicago
Office: VKC 351
Phone: (213)821-2582
Email: sonyasle@usc.edu

Research Specialities: Buddhist art and architecture of China and Central Asia, interrelationship of art and the environment, Asian art collecting
Paul Lichterman
Professor of Sociology and Religion
Ph.D. Sociology, University of California, Berkeley
Office: KAP 352
Phone: (213)740-3533
Email: lichterm@usc.edu

Research Specialities: culture (public culture, civic and political culture, organizational culture), religion, political sociology, civic engagement, theory, qualitative methodology, ethnographic methods
Jessica Marglin
Ruth Ziegler Early Career Chair in Jewish Studies and Assistant Professor of Religion

Phone: (213)821-2912
Email: marglin@usc.edu

Research Specialities: Jews and Muslims in modern North Africa and the Mediterranean; legal history; Non-Muslims in the Islamic world; Mediterranean Studies
James Mchugh
Associate Professor of Religion
Ph.D. Sanskrit and Indian Studies, Harvard University
Office: 825 BLOOM WALK
Phone: (213)740-7141
Email: jmchugh@usc.edu

Research Specialities: Material culture of South Asian religions. Smell, aromatics and religion. History of perfumery. History of alcohol in India. Sanskrit literary and technical texts. Material culture theory.
Lori Meeks
Associate Professor of Religion and East Asian Languages and Cultures
Ph.D. East Asian Religions, Princeton University
Office: ACB 234
Phone: (323)719-0984
Email: meeks@usc.edu

Research Specialities: Women, Gender, and Religion; Religious and Social History of Japan; Women’s History in East Asia; Buddhist Literature and Philosophy; Buddhist Monasticism; Japanese Literature and Culture
Donald Miller
Leonard K. Firestone Professor of Religion
Ph.D. Social Ethics and Religion, University of Southern California
Office: ACB 439
Phone: (213)743-1624
Email: demiller@usc.edu

Research Specialities: Religious trends, genocide, oral history, religious ethnography,Pentecostalism
Cecil Murray
John R. Tansey Chair in Christian Ethics and Professor of Religion
Ph.D. Religion, Claremont School of Theology
Office: ABM ABM
Phone: (213)743-4105
Email: clmurray@usc.edu
Stephen Smith
UNESCO Chair on Genocide Education, Andrew J. and Erna Finci Viterbi Executive Director Chair at the USC Shoah Foundation - The Institute for Visual History and Education, and Adjunct Professor of Religion

Office: LVL 119A
Phone: (213)740-6029
Email: smithsd@usc.edu
Duncan Williams
Associate Professor of Religion and East Asian Languages and Cultures
Ph.D. Religion (Japanese Religions), Harvard University
Office: ACB 231
Phone: (213)740-0272
Email: duncanwi@usc.edu

Research Specialities: Buddhism, Japanese religions, American Buddhism, Buddhism and the environment, Japanese-American history and religion, Hybrid Japan, social history of religion
Bruce Zuckerman
Professor of Religion and Linguistics
Ph.D. Ancient Near Eastern Languages, Yale University
Office: ACB 327
Phone: (213)740-3405
Email: bzuckerm@college.usc.edu

Affiliated Faculty

Reuven Firestone
Professor of Medieval Judaism and Islam
Ph.D. New York University
Office: HUC 018
Phone: (213) 765-2139
Email: rfirestone@huc.edu

Research Specialities:Holy war, Qur'anic narrative, history of Judaism, history of Islam, phenomenology of religion, scriptural intertextuality, emergent religion and new religious movements
Joshua D. Garroway
Assistant Professor of Early Christianity and Second Commonwealth
Ph.D., Religious Studies, Yale University
Office: HUC 012
Phone: (213) 765-2175
Email: jgarroway@huc.edu

Research Specialities: Pauline Studies, Historical Jesus, Luke-Acts, History of the Early Church, Jewish Identity in Antiquity, Jewish-Christian Relations.
Leah Hochman
Assistant Professor of Jewish Thought, Director, Jerome H.
Louchheim School for Judaic Studies at USC
Office: HUC 208
Phone: (213)765-2114
Email: hochman@usc.edu

Research Specialities:Religion and literature, medieval, modern and contemporary Jewish and religious thought; 18th-century aesthetics; Jewish studies; German-Jewish studies; Jewish literature; Judaism in the US and the Americas; food and religion; gender and Judaism; religion and popular culture.
  • USC Dornsife School of Religion
  • University of Southern California
  • 825 Bloom Walk, ACB 130
  • Los Angeles, CA 90089-1481