Jesse Graham

Associate Professor of Psychology

Contact Information
E-mail: jesse.graham@usc.edu
Phone: (213) 740-9535
Office: SGM 501

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  • B.A. Psychology, University of Chicago, 6/1998
  • M.T.S. Philosophy of Religion, Harvard Divinity School, 6/2002
  • Ph.D. Psychology, University of Virginia, 8/2010

  • Description of Research

    Summary Statement of Research Interests
    My goal is to understand how ideology and morality interact to influence human thought and behavior. I am particularly interested in how ideological and moral values shape behavior outside of conscious awareness, and in how these effects vary across individuals and cultures. I use a variety of methodological approaches to study the ways ideology moderates both the content of moral concerns and the processes of moral judgment and decision-making.

  • Department of Psychology
  • University of Southern California
  • SGM 501
  • 3620 South McClintock Ave.
  • Los Angeles, CA 90089-1061
  • Phone: (213) 740 - 2203