Sharon Lloyd

Professor of Philosophy

Contact Information
E-mail: lloyd@usc.edu
Phone: (213) 740-5175
Office: MHP 113



  • B.A. , University of California - Los Angeles
  • Ph.D. Philosophy, Harvard University, 1/1987

  • Description of Research

    Summary Statement of Research Interests
    Professor of Philosophy, Law, and Political Science Sharon Lloyd works in the history of political philosophy, with special attention to the moral and political theory of philosopher Thomas Hobbes. Trained and mentored by John Rawls, one of the most influential political philosophers of the 20th century, Lloyd's scholarly interests in political philosophy and its history, contemporary liberalism and liberal feminist philosophy reflect that tutelage. She has particular interest in the moral and political theories of Machiavelli, Mill, Hobbes, Marx, and Rawls. Lloyd's work in philosophy has attracted the interest of legal scholars and is often published in law reviews. Lloyd is regarded as an important voice in the current generation of liberal feminists. Lloyd enjoys teaching in USC's honors program and general education on such topics as self-identity and moral responsibility, political obligation, and social ethics for earthlings and others through science fiction.
    Research Specialties
    Political Philosophy, History of Political Philosophy, Ethics, Feminist Philosophy
    Detailed Statement of Research Interests
    Lloyd has a new book on Hobbes's moral philosophy forthcoming from Cambridge University Press. Her article on Definitional Derivations is forcoming in Journal of the History of Philosophy, and her entry on Hobbes's religious view in "A History of the Philosophy of Religion." Her works on G.A. Cohen's critique of Rawls, her Mill book, and her Hobbesian analysis of terrorism and democratic responsibility are in progress.


    • Lloyd, S. A. (2009). Morality in the Philosophy of Thomas Hobbes: Cases in the Law of Nature. Cambridge University Press.
    • Lloyd, S. A. (1992). Ideals as Interests in Hobbes's Leviathan (Cambridge University Press, 1992)Cases in the Law of Nature: The Moral Philosophy of Thomas Hobbes (forthcoming).

    Service to the University

    Administrative Appointments
    • Co-founder and Co-director, U.S.C. Center for Law and Philosophy, 2004-2005  

    Service to the Profession

    Administrative Appointments
    • Executive Committee, Pacific Philosophical Association, 2006-2007   

  • School of Philosophy
  • 3709 Trousdale Parkway
  • Mudd Hall of Philosophy, MHP 113