University of Southern California

Graduate Students

Karin Amundsen
Field(s):Early Modern Europe, Britain, Atlantic World, Empire, Gender (especially masculinities), Witchcraft
Jillian Barndt
Field(s):Premodern Japan, Education, Pedagogy, Women, Gender, Heian and Kamakura Periods
Steven Collicelli
Christina Copland
William Cowan
Field(s):Environment, Indigenous Peoples, Multiraciality, California & the West
Jonathan Dentler
John Fanestil
Jenna Glemser
Field(s):Currently, my research focuses on Modern Europe, with particular emphasis on the Great War in France and Germany.
Nicholas Gliserman
Field(s):History of Early America, the Atlantic World, Native Peoples, Warfare, and Cartography
David-James Gonzales
Field(s):19th - 20th century U.S., California and the West, urban/metropolitan history, Borderlands/Frontera Studies, Latina/o identity and politics.
Alicia Gutierrez-Romine
Field(s):Abortion in California, 19th-20th Century U.S., Medical Discrimination, Eugenics, Gender, and Sexuality
Justin Haar
Field(s):Medieval Europe, Early Modern Europe, Medieval England, Medieval Christianity and religious cultures.
Simon Judkins
Nadia Kanagawa
Field(s):Immigration and state formation in pre-modern Japan and East Asia.
Jordan Keagle
Field(s):American West, Environmental History: Animals and Plants, Food
Jeanne Mc Dougall
Field(s):U.S. History, Early Modern Atlantic World, Music History and Culture
Randall Meissen
David Neumann
Young Sun Park
Field(s):Children, Family, , Gender, and the State in Korea and East Asia
Carlos Parra
Field(s):19th-20th Century U.S. History, Mexican American and Latina/o History and Identity, Borderlands/Frontera Studies
Skyler Reidy
Dan Sherer
Sari Siegel
Field(s):Modern Europe, Holocaust, History of Medicine
Stefan Smith
Angelica Stoddard
Field(s):20th Century U.S. History, The American West, Race and Ethnicity, Gender History, Social Welfare Programs, Immigration Policy
Patrick Wyman
Field(s):Medieval Europe, Late Antiquity, Roman history, political culture, medieval women's and gender history


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