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Nicholas Gliserman

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Nicholas Gliserman is a fifth year PhD candidate in History at USC. His dissertation: “Landscapes of War: A Reconsideration of Geopolitics in Northeast America, 1688-1713” considers how the early Anglo-French conflicts reshaped the ways Europeans and Native Americans envisioned their environments. This past year he was on fellowship conducting research in archives throughout New England, New York, the United Kingdom and France. This year has an Early Modern Studies Institute fellowship and can be found busily writing away at the Huntington Library! At USC he has been a teaching assistant for classes including "The American Experience" and "Native American Stories." He also taught a summer tutorial on violence in early America for advanced undergraduates. He originally studied history and trained as an opera singer (a skill he still keeps up!) at Oberlin College in Ohio.


  • BA Oberlin College, 05/2008


Research Specialties

  • Early American, Atlantic World, Cultural History