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Sachiko Kawai

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I am a PhD student in History at the University of Southern California and currently working on my dissertation. My specific area of interest concerns the history of women and gender in premodern Japan, with special attention to women’s land ownership and management during the eleventh and twelfth centuries. Despite the rather focused scope of my study in terms of the time period and geographical area, I plan to make my work useful and attractive to a broader audience. I would like to investigate a gap between ‘owning estates’ and ‘an ability to extract actual wealth from the land,’ by paying attention to not only the estate proprietors’ perspectives but also those of lower-level (cultivators and officials on the land). In addition, I would also examine how goods and people moved between the center and peripheries, how the gender of proprietors shaped power relations within the estate, and how material culture in the estate was gendered.


  • BA Tsuru Univ, 03/1993
  • MA CSU - Los Angeles, 03/2000
  • M.A. EALC, USC, 05/2007
  • MA USC, 05/2007
  • M.A. History, USC, 12/2010


Research Keywords

  • Premodern Japan, Heian, Kamakura, Women, Gender, Estate (shoen), Medieval Europe, China

Research Specialties

  • Premodern Japan, Heian, Kamakura, Women, Gender

Honors and Awards

  • FLAS Graduate Fellowship, Fall 2010   
  • College Graduate Professionalization Funds , 2009-2010   
  • Exceptional Financial Aid—Dept. of History , Fall 2009   
  • FLAS Graduate Fellowship, Fall 2009   
  • College Graduate Professionalization Funds , 2008-2009   
  • Hubbard Research Grand , Fall 2008   
  • Special Recognition in Graduate Studies at the CSULA Thirty Ninth Honors Convocation, 1999-2000   
  • Special Recognition in Graduate Studies at the CSULA Thirty Eighth Honors Convocation, 1998-1999