Graduate Students

Karin Amundsen
Field(s):Early Modern Europe, Britain, Atlantic World, Empire, Gender (especially masculinities), Witchcraft
Jillian Barndt
Field(s):Premodern Japan, Women, Gender, Nara and Heian Periods
Adam Bloch
Steven Collicelli
Christina Copland
Michelle Damian
Field(s):Premodern Japan, Japan, archaeology, maritime, China, Asia
John Fanestil
Nicholas Gliserman
Field(s):History of Early America, the Atlantic World, Native Peoples, Warfare, and Cartography
David-James Gonzales
Field(s):20th century U.S.; California and the West; U.S.-Mexico migration; Chicana/o-Latina/o identity and politics.
Alicia Gutierrez
Field(s):19th-20th Century U.S., Medical Discrimination, Eugenics, Social Darwinism, Race, Gender, and Religion
Justin Haar
Field(s):Medieval Europe, Early Modern Europe, Medieval England, Medieval Christianity and religious cultures.
Nadia Kanagawa
Field(s):Immigration and state formation in pre-modern Japan and East Asia.
Sachiko Kawai
Field(s):Premodern Japan, Heian, Kamakura, Women, Gender
Jordan Keagle
Allison Marie Lauterbach
Field(s):legal history, gender history, reproductive rights, foreign policy, cultural history, 20th century American history
Jeanne Mc Dougall
Field(s):U.S. History, Early Modern Atlantic World, Music History and Culture
Jessica McNally
Field(s):Medieval Europe, Women, Gender, and Sexuality
Randall Meissen
David Neumann
Young Sun Park
Keith Pluymers
Field(s):Early Modern Europe, Atlantic World, England, Ireland, Colonial North America, Environmental and Agrarian History, Colonization
Skyler Reidy
Elizabeth Segroves
Field(s):Early American history, Native American history, New France, New Spain
Dan Sherer
Sari Siegel
Field(s):Modern Europe, Holocaust, History of Medicine
Stefan Smith
Barbara Soliz
Field(s):20th Century U.S. History, Political History, Race and Ethnicity, Whiteness, Metropolitan History
Angelica Stoddard
Yu Tokunaga
Field(s):20th Century U.S. History (California), Race and Ethnicity, Immigration Policy
Kevin Wilson
Field(s):Premodern Japan (Nara to Kamakura), Buddhism, Temple and Shrine History in Japan, Premodern East Asia
Patrick Wyman
Field(s):Medieval Europe, Late Antiquity, Roman history, political culture, medieval women's and gender history
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