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Robert Porritt


Contact Information


Biographical Sketch

I am a seismologist studying the formation and preservation of continental lithosphere and structure of the upper mantle through the lens of regional seismic imaging. Many of the problems we try to solve are fundamentally four dimensional, but as our view is restricted in time, I strive to understand the three dimensional images in their modern context. I am currently working on studying the North American Craton at its core in Hudson Bay, but I have also previously focused on Cascadia and the larger Farallon plate system subducting under North America.


  • B.S. Geological Engineering, Michigan Technological University, 05/2007
  • Ph.D. Earth and Planetary Sciences (Seismology), University of California, Berkeley, 05/2013


Summary Statement of Research Interests

  • My research focuses on imaging the modern structures associated with plate tectonics from the crust through the upper mantle. I stress the joint interpretation or inversion of multiple complimentary datasets to best image the study area and I find the three dimensionality of the earth to be of paramount importance in understanding earth models.

Research Keywords

  • Craton; Subduction; Tectonics; Tomography; Wave speed; North America


  • Journal Article

    Porritt, R., Allen, R., Pollitz, F. (2013). Seismic imaging east of the Rocky Mountains with USArray. Earth and Planetary Science Letters.
    Porritt, R., Allen, R., Boyarko, D., Brudzinski, M. (2011). Investigation of Cascadia segmentation with ambient noise tomography. Earth and Planetary Science Letters. (309), pp. 67-76.