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Jennifer Talevich


Contact Information

Office: SGM 501


  • B.A. Cognitive Science, University of California, Irvine,
  • M.A. Psychology, University of Southern California, 2010
  • Ph.D. Psychology, University of Southern California, 12/2012


Summary Statement of Research Interests

  • - Motivation & decision making in context
    - Behavioral-motivation system processes
      - inc. construals, motivation, emotion and how these become ingrained as personality
      - Attachment, Power, and Caregiving as interacting behavioral systems
      - Personality formation as adaptation to social roles
    - Computational modeling of social psychological phenomena
    - Virtual interventions (for humans) and artificial emotion/personality (for virtual humans)

Conference Presentations

  • "A Neurocomputational Model of Attachment Formation", SPSP 2013 Dynamical Systems Preconference, Talk/Oral Presentation, New Orleans, Invited, 2012-2013   


  • Conference Proceeding

    Read, S. J., Talevich, J. R., Walsh, D. A., Chopra, G., Iyer, R. (2010). A Comprehensive Taxonomy of Human Motives: A Principled Basis for the Motives of Intelligent Agents. In Intelligent Virtual Agents (Ed.), pp. 35-41. pp. 10th International Conference. IVA 2010, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 6356. Philadelphia.

    Journal Article

    Talevich, J. R. (2013). Goal Impact: A Goal Systems, Domain General Prediction Tool, Applied to Voluntary Job Turnover. Basic and Applied Social Psychology, accepted.
    Talevich, J. R., Read, S. J., Walsh, D. A., Iyer, R., Chopra, G. (2013). Toward a Comprehensive, Empirically-based Taxonomy of Human Goals. Psychological Review, under review.
    Talevich, J. R. (2013). Success of Influence and Coercion: A function of how psychotropic medication impacts the goals of adult psychiatric patients. Journal of Mental Health Law and Policy, in press.
    Chubb, C., Talevich, J. (2002). Attentional Control of Texture Orientation Judgments. Vision Research. Vol. 42(3) (311-330)


    Talevich, J. R. Motivation, Affect, and Violations of Normative Behavior.
    Talevich, J. R. (2012). The Motivated Behavior System: A Dynamic Account of the Attachment Behavioral System. (Dissertation) University of Southern California. Libraries.
    Talevich, J. R. (2012). A Behavioral Systems Approach Toward a Unified Theory of Human Motivation: A computational model of attachment theory dynamics. (Qualifying Project) University of Southern California. Libraries.
    Talevich, J. R. (2010). Real to me: Effecting real-world change from a virtual environment through an interaction between presence and immersive tendencies. (Masters's Thesis) University of Southern California. Libraries.