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Erica Seubert

Research Asst Teaching Asst

Contact Information

Office: UUC 217
Phone: (213) 740-4940
E-mail: seubert@usc.edu


  • B.S. Biological Sciences, Long Island University at Southampton College, 12/2002


  • Journal Article

    Sun, J., Hutchins, D. A., Feng, Y., Seubert, E. L., Caron, D. A., Fu, F. (2011). Effects of changing pCO2 and phosphate availability on domoic acid production and physiology of the marine harmful bloom diatom Pseudo-nitzschia multiseries. Limnology and Oceanography. Vol. 56 (3), pp. 829-840.
    Smith, R., Das, J., Heidarsson, H., Pereira, A., Arrichiello, F., Cetinic, I., Darjany, L., Garneau, M., Howard, M. D., Oberg, C., Ragan, M., Seubert, E. L., Smith, E., Stauffer, B., Schnetzer, A., Toro-Farmer, G., Caron, D. A., Jones, B., Sukhatme, G. (2010). USC CINAPS builds bridges. Robotics & Automation Magazine, IEEE. Vol. 17 (1), pp. 20-30.
    Caron, D. A., Garneau, M., Seubert, E. L., Howard, M. D., Darjany, L., Schnetzer, A., Cetinic, I., Filteau, G., Lauri, P., Jones, B., Trussell, S. (2010). Harmful algae and their potential impacts on desalination operations off southern California. Journal of Water Research. Vol. 44 (2), pp. 385-416.