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Hector Reyes

Assistant Professor (Teaching) of Art History

Contact Information
Phone: (213) 821-1375
Office: VKC 368B

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. , Northwestern University
B.A. , University of California, Berkeley

Description of Research

Summary Statement of Research Interests

My research interests concern theories of form that fall outside of traditional art historical understandings and narratives about form, especially during the long Eighteenth century. I have written articles on the theories of form found in the writings and artworks of Charles Le Brun, Nicolas Poussin and the Comte de Caylus. I am also completing two book manuscripts that develop alternative histories of form. The first is entitled "Invention of the Avant-Garde: Poussin and the Tradition of Autonomous Painting." This book offers new interpretations of canonical French paintings as case studies within two intersecting and related histories: the interpretation of Poussin's paintings by Academic painters; and the development of an autonomous, self-defining painting within the French Academic tradition. My second project is a co-authored book entitled "Methodical Fire" about the long history of Stoic physics and its elaboration in art theory and practice during the early modern period. I also have a secondary interest in ideas about filmic form found in movies produced by major studios.

Research Specialties

The history and theory of French Academic painting; The development of early modern and modern history painting in Europe; Interactions between image and text; Poussin and Eighteenth-Century Studies; The afterlife of Stoic Physics in European aesthetic theory; Studio film as an Academic Practice


Journal Article

Reyes, H. (2013). Drawing and History in the Comte de Caylus' 'Receuil'. Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture. Vol. 42, pp. 171-189.
Reyes, H. (2011). Ekphrasis and the Autonomy of Painting: On Charles Le Brun's 'Entrance of Alexander'. Classical Receptions Journal. Vol. 3 (1), pp. 77-108.
Reyes, H. (2009). The Rhetorical Frame of Poussin’s Theory of the Modes. Intellectual History Review. Vol. 19 (3), pp. 287-302.
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