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Jonathan Quong

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Contact Information
Office: MHP 113

Curriculum Vitae

Biographical Sketch

I was previously a lecturer and then senior lecturer at the University of Manchester (2003-13), and I received a D.Phil from Nuffield College, Oxford (2004). I've also held visiting positions at the Australian National University, Princeton University, and Tulane University. I am an associate editor of Philosophy & Public Affairs, an associate editor of Politics, Philosophy, & Economics, and an area editor of Pacific Philosophical Quarterly.



Ph.D. , University of Oxford, 2004
M.A. , University of British Columbia, 2000
B.A. , University of British Columbia, 1999

Description of Research

Research Specialties

moral and political philosophy



Quong, J. (2011). Liberalism Without Perfection. Oxford University Press.

Book Chapter

Quong, J. (2016). Consequentialism, Deontology, and Distributive Justice. The Oxford Handbook of Distributive Justice Oxford University Press.
Quong, J. (2014). On the Idea of Public Reason. A Companion to Rawls pp. 265-280. Wiley-Blackwell.
Quong, J. (2012). Rights. The Companion to Social and Political Philosophy pp. 618-628. Routledge.

Encyclopedia Article

Quong, J. (2013). Public Reason. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Journal Article

Quong, J. (2015). Proportionality, Liability, and Defensive Harm. Philosophy & Public Affairs.
Quong, J. (2015). Agent-Relative Prerogatives to Do Harm. Criminal Law and Philosophy.
Quong, J., Stone, R. (2015). Rules and Rights. Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy. Vol. 1, pp. 222-249.
Quong, J. (2015). Rights Against Harm. Proceeding of the Aristotelian Society, Supplementary Volume. Vol. 89 (1), pp. 249-266.
Quong, J. (2014). Liberalism Without Perfection: Replies to Lister, Kulenovic, Zoffoli, Zelic, and Baccarini. Philosophy and Society. Vol. 25, pp. 96-122.
Quong, J. (2014). What is the Point of Public Reason?. Philosophical Studies. Vol. 170, pp. 545-533.
Quong, J. (2012). Liability to Defensive Harm. Philosophy & Public Affairs. Vol. 40, pp. 45-77.
Quong, J., Firth, J. M. (2012). Necessity, Moral Liability, and Defensive Harm. Law and Philosophy. Vol. 31, pp. 673-701.
Quong, J. (2012). Liberalism Without Perfection: Replies to Gaus, Colburn, Chan, and Bocchiola. Philosophy & Public Issues. Vol. 2, pp. 51-79.
Quong, J. (2011). Left-Libertarianism: Rawlsian not Luck Egalitarian. Journal of Political Philosophy. Vol. 19, pp. 64-89.
Quong, J. (2010). Justice Beyond Equality. Social Theory and Practice. Vol. 36, pp. 315-340.
Quong, J. (2010). The Distribution of Authority. Representation. Vol. 46, pp. 35-52.
Quong, J. (2009). Killing in Self-Defense. Ethics. Vol. 111, pp. 507-537.

Service to the Profession

Editorships and Editorial Boards

Associate Editor, Philosophy & Public Affairs, 2016-  
Editorial Board, Law and Philosophy, 2014-  
Area Editor, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, 2013-  
Advisory Board, Social Theory and Practice, 2013-  
Advisory Board, Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy, 2012-  
Editorial Board, Bloomsbury Research in Political Philosophy, 2011-  
Associate Editor, Politics, Philosophy & Economics, 2010-  
Associate Editor, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 2011-2016  
Associate Editor, Representation: The Journal of Representative Democracy, 2008-2014  
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