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Alwyn Lim

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Contact Information
Phone: (213) 740-3533
Office: HSH 317



Ph.D. Sociology, University of Michigan, 2012

Description of Research

Summary Statement of Research Interests

Alwyn Lim's research examines the global dimensions of organizational activity, focusing on the moral regulation of the economy and the institutions that govern macro society-economy relationships. His current work studies the emergence of corporate social responsibility frameworks in the United Nations, their diffusion across countries and corporations, and their implementation in domestic contexts.

Research Specialties

Organizations and Institutions; Global and Transnational Sociology; Human Rights and Social Movements



Tsutsui, Kiyoteru; Lim, Alwyn (Ed.). (2015). Corporate Social Responsibility in a Globalizing World. New York: Cambridge University Press.

Book Chapter

Lim, A., Tsutsui, K. (2015). The Social Regulation of the Economy in the Global Context. CSR in a Globalizing World New York: Cambridge University Press.

Journal Article

Lim, A. Global Corporate Responsibility in Domestic Context: Lateral Decoupling, Uncertainty, and Organizational Narratives of Corporate Responsibility. (In Preparation).
Lim, A. Constructing Global Fields: The Moral Regulation of the Global Economy. (In Preparation).
Lim, A., Tsutsui, K. (2012). Globalization and Commitment in Corporate Social Responsibility: Cross-National Analyses of Institutional and Political-Economy Effects. American Sociological Review. Vol. 77, pp. 69-98.
Tsutsui, K., Whitlinger, C., Lim, A. (2012). International Human Rights Law and Social Movements: States' Resistance and Civil Society's Insistence. Annual Review of Law and Social Science. Vol. 8, pp. 367-369.

Service to the Profession

Conferences Organized

Co-organizer, Corporate Social Responsibility in a Globalizing World, University of Michigan; International House of Japan, Toyko, Sponsored by the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership; and the Center for Japanese Studies, Interdisciplinary Committee on Organizational Studies, Department of Sociology, and the Ross School of Business (University of Michigan), 2010-2012  
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