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Jessica Peet


Contact Information
Phone: (213) 740-2136
Office: VKC 330


Biographical Sketch

Jessica Peet earned her Ph.D. in Political Science and a Graduate Certificate in Gender Studies from the University of Florida in 2011. Her research interests include feminist theory, gender, security studies, human trafficking and the role of language and discourse in identity construction.  Her main focus of research is in the area of international anti-trafficking law. Her dissertation, She Was A “Passive Victim” in Need of Protection: Understanding the Gendered Constructions in International Anti-trafficking Law, looks at how the gendered category of “trafficking victim” is constructed by and through international law. In addition to her work on human trafficking, she has also been involved in an ongoing research project which analyzes civilian victimization debates through gendered lenses. This research project has produced publications in the International Feminist Journal of Politics and in the edited volume Feminism and International Relations: Conversations about the Past, Present and Future. She has presented her research in a variety of forums including the Kennedy School at Harvard University and an anti-trafficking workshop in Kolkata, India. She teaches classes on a variety of International Relations topics, including development, international security, globalization, global society, and gender and global politics. In addition to teaching she also serves as advisor for individualized independent study and faculty advisor for several student organizations.
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