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Alexander Marr

Adjunct Associate Professor of Art History

Contact Information
Phone: (213) 740-4552
Office: VKC 351

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Biographical Sketch

Alexander Marr works on Early Modern Europe. He is particularly interested in the intellectual and visual culture of Italy, France, England, and the Netherlands ca. 1500-1700. His first monograph, Between Raphael and Galileo: Mutio Oddi and the Mathematical Culture of Late Renaissance Italy (University of Chicago Press, 2011), is a cultural history of mathematics in Italy in the age of Galileo. He has also published on curiosity and wonder, Flemish cabinet painting, architecture and technology, mathematical books and libraries, automata, and Neoclassical and Romantic landscape. He has articles forthcoming on copying, commonplacing, and technical knowledge in the work of Early Modern French architect Jacques Gentillatre, and on the visual culture of Elizabethan England. He is currently editing Richard Haydocke's 1598 translation of Lomazzo's 'Trattato dell'arte de la pittura' for the Modern Humanities Research Association's new Tudor and Stuart Translations series. He is also working on two books, the first is a history of the concept of ingenuity in Early Modern Europe, the second will examine reading and writing about the visual arts and architecture in Elizabethan and Jacobean England.


Ph.D. Modern History, University of Oxford, 2005
M.A. Historical Research, University of Oxford, 2001
B.A. History of Art, Sotheby's Institute, London, 1999

Academic Appointment, Affiliation, and Employment History

Associate Professor of Art History, University of Southern California, 2010-  
Lecturer in Art History (with tenure), University of St Andrews, 2005-2010  
Clifford Norton Student in the History of Science, The Queen's College, Oxford, 2003-2005  
Scouloudi Fellow in Historical Research, Institute of Historical Research, London, 2004-2005   

Affiliations with Research Centers, Labs, and Other Institutions

Centre for French History and Culture, University of St Andrews, Management Board,



Marr, A. Richard Haydocke, A Tracte containing the artes of curious paintinge, caruinge & buildinge (translation of Giovanni Paolo Lomazzo, Trattato dell’arte de la pittura, 1589) (Oxford, 1598). Edited and with an introduction by Alexander Marr. Modern Humanities Research Association (forthcoming).
Marr, A. (2011). Between Raphael and Galileo: Mutio Oddi and the Mathematical Culture of Late Renaissance Italy. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.
Marr, Alexander (Ed.). (2010). Picturing Collections in Early Modern Europe. (Vol. 20, Intellectual History Review, Special Issue.
Marr, Alexander (Ed.). (2009). The Worlds of Oronce Fine: Mathematics, Instruments, and Print in Renaissance France. Shaun Tyas.
Evans, R.J.W. and Marr, Alexander (Ed.). (2006). Curiosity and Wonder from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment. Ashgate.

Book Chapter

Marr, A. (2010). Introduction, Picturing Collections in Early Modern Europe. 1 (Vol. 20). Picturing Collections in Early Modern Europe, special issue of Intellectual History Review.
Marr, A. (2009). Introduction, The Worlds of Oronce Fine.
Marr, A. (2008). "A Duche graver sent for": Cornelis Boel, Salomon de Caus, and the production of La perspective avec la raison des ombres et miroirs. Prince Henry Reviv'd: Image and Exemplarity in Early Modern England, ed. T. Wilks.
Marr, A. (2006). Introduction, Curiosity and Wonder. Curiosity and Wonder from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment, ed. R.J.W. Evans and A. Marr.
Marr, A. (2006). Gentille curiosité: wonder-working and the culture of automata in the late Renaissance. Curiosity and Wonder from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment, ed. R.J.W. Evans and A. Marr.
Marr, A. (2006). The production and distribution of Mutio Oddi's Dello squadro. Transmitting Knowledge: Words, Images and Instruments in Early Modern Europe, ed. Sachiko Kusukawa and Ian Maclean, Oxford University Press.
Marr, A. (2006). James Stuart's Garden Architecture. James "Athenian" Stuart: The Rediscovery of Antiquity, ed. Susan Soros, Yale University Press.
Marr, A. (2005). Mutio Oddi's Milanese period. I gheribizzi di Muzio Oddi, ed. Sabine Eiche, Accademia Raffaello.
Marr, A. (2001). William Beckford and the landscape garden. William Beckford: An Eye for the Magnificent, ed. Derek Ostergard, Yale University Press.

Journal Article

Marr, A. (2010). The Flemish 'Pictures of Collections' Genre: An Overview. Intellectual History Review, Special Issue, Picturing Collections in Early Modern Europe. Vol. 20 (1)
Marr, A. (2008). A Renaissance library rediscovered: the 'Repertorium librorum Mathematica' of Jean I du Temps. The Library. Vol. 9 (4)
Gorman, M., Marr, A. (2007). "Others see it yet otherwise": disegno and pictura in a Flemish gallery interior. The Burlington Magazine. Vol. 149
Marr, A. (2006). 'Making a mathematical textbook: Mutio Oddi's Dello squadro. British Society for the History of Mathematics Bulletin. Vol. 2 (1)
Marr, A. (2004). Understanding Automata in the Late Renaissance. Journal de la Renaissance. Vol. 2
Marr, A. (2004). "Curious and Useful Buildings": the 'Mathematical Model' of Sir Clement Edmondes. Bodleian Library Record.

Honors and Awards

USC-Huntington Early Modern Studies Institute Faculty Fellowship, Spring 2012   
R.H. Smith Scholar in Residence in Renaissance Sculpture, Victoria & Albert Museum, London, 5/1/2011-6/1/2011  
Philip Leverhulme Prize, 2008-2010  
Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK), Research Fellowship, 2008-2009  
Max Planck Institute for History of Science, Berlin. Visiting Research Fellowship, 2008-2009   
St John's College, Oxford, Visiting Research Fellowship, 2008-2009   
Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland. Research Grant., 2007-2008   
Francis Haskell Scholarship for Research in Art History, 2007-2008   
The British Academy. Conference Grant., 2005-2006   
Institute for Historical Research/Huguenot Society, London. Scholarship for Huguenot Research., 2003-2004   
Université La Sorbonne, Centre Alexandre Koyré, Paris. Scholarship for Research in History of Science.., 2002-2003   

Service to the University

Other Service to the University

Visual Studies Graduate Certificate Advisory Board, 11/01/2010-  
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