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Juan De Lara

Assistant Professor of American Studies and Ethnicity

Contact Information
Phone: (213) 740-1767
Office: KAP 462



Ph.D. Geography, UC Berkeley, 12/2009
M.A. Urban Planning, UCLA, 5/2000
B.A. Sociology and Labor Studies, Pitzer College, 5/1996

Postdoctoral Training

Mellon Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, University of Southern California, 01/2010-08/2011  

Academic Appointment, Affiliation, and Employment History

Tenure Track Appointments

Assistant Professor, University of Southern California, 2011-2012   

Non-Tenure Track Appointments

Program Director, Ontario Community Studies Program, Pitzer College, 08/1999-07/2001  

Description of Research

Summary Statement of Research Interests

My research interests include: social justice and social movements, the political economy of uneven development, urbanization, race and ethnicity, labor, California and the American West, Los Angeles, and the U.S./Mexico border.

Conferences and Other Presentations

Conference Presentations

"Has Geography Abandoned US? Counting the Bodies, Naming Names and Revisiting Race in the Discipline.", Association of American Geographers, Roundtable/Panel, New York, Invited, Spring 2012   
"Measuring Movement Building: Defining Metrics that Matter", From the Ashes: The 1992 Civil Unrest and the Rise of Social Movement Organizing, Roundtable/Panel, University of Southern California, Program for Environmental and Regional Equity, Invited, Spring 2012   
"Subprime Spaces: Southern California’s New Geography of Race and Class", The Invisible Crisis, Foreclosures in California, Talk/Oral Presentation, Riverside, CA, University of California, Riverside, Invited, Spring 2012   
"City of Quartz at 20: The View from Past Futures.", Association of American Geographers, Roundtable/Panel, Spring 2011   
"Commodity Flows and the Production of Metropolitan Inequality: The Case of Southern California.", Association of American Geographers, Paper Presentation, Seattle, Spring 2011   
"Moving the Goods: The Inland Empire Logistics Industry.", Getting the Goods Conference, University of California Riverside, Talk/Oral Presentation, Invited, Fall 2008   
"Spaces of Circulation: Finance Capital, Housing, and the Goods Movement Industry in LA’s Urban Fringe.", Association of American Geographers, Talk/Oral Presentation, Spring 2008   
"A Life of Leisure: Mapping Development in the Palm Springs Valley.", American Association of Geographers, Talk/Oral Presentation, Spring 2007   

Other Presentations

"California's Inland Empire: A Land of Contradictions", Robert & Patricia Switzer Foundation Fellows Meeting, Robert & Patricia Switzer Foundation , Corona, CA, Spring 2012   
"Hidden Landscapes of Circulation: Labor and Environmental Justice in the Inland Empire.", Faculty Colloquia, California State University, San Bernardino, Fall 2008   


Book Chapter

De Lara, J. D. (2012). Goods Movement and Metropolitan Inequality. Cities, Regions and Flows pp. 75-91. London and New York: Routledge.

Grant Report

Pastor, M., Delara, J. D., Scoggins, J. (2011). All Together Now? African Americans, Immigrants, and the Future of California. Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration.

Journal Article

De Lara, J. D. (2012). Post City of Quartz Los Angeles. Human Geography. Vol. 5 (3)

Honors and Awards

Fellow, Institute for the Study of Social Change, UC Berkeley, 9/2005-5/2007  
Rhodes Scholar, 1995-1996   
McNair Scholar, U.S. Department of Education, 1994-1995   
American Sociological Association, MOST Fellow, 1993-1994   
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